Thursday, July 01, 2004

Nobody likes what I write (wallowing in self pity)

Some people think I am journo material - so insulting :-( Others think I am made of Booker stuff - so boring :-(

I hate you all - In fact I hate lots of things in life. Hey,isn't that a great idea for a post. So here i go. I can't stand..

@ Guys who visit Archies gallery not to buy cards but to secretly write down those lovely wordings. These dumbos actually believe that their women will be fooled that it was their own creativity at work.

@ War movies that need to have a brave Muslim soldier die to prove his loyalty to his motherland.

@ Rap songs that need to have the mandatory F word atleast 5 times to become a chart buster.

@ Products that come strongly advertised as User-friendly though in reality they aren't - in some cases even their user manuals are written in Hebrew.

@ Women who make statements with weird Birthday gifts to their men - what on earth is a nail cutter, a travel bag or a book on Ancient Greek Mythology supposed to mean? %$*&^

@ (And toking of weird) people who can't spell that damn word right - weird, I mean ! My statistics tell me 87% of folks get it wrong more than 50% of the time. Now go check your blogs :-)

The list is endless. But the rest of my compilation will have to wait.

ps: ESPN-Star is back. But Henman lost and Serena won. I hate life..Blah blah blah....

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Ekta said...

Add one more to your list:-
1) Hate dodo's who think they are very smart but refuse to see reality and accept the fact that some people can be VERY confortable getting their spellings all wrong in their blogs!!:-))

p.s:- The archies was me in splits when I actually imagined U doing that....heheh!