Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Confessions of an eccentric mind !

We are all quirky..Every single Joe (and his mother too) but some of us are quirkier than the rest.. And then there are people who are downright nuts. No prizes for guessing which category I fall under. It isn’t entirely co-incidental that I was called "normal" at college. Tracing the origins of the way i am today.... Zzzzzzzzz...Transport to the not-so-distant past...

The movie was Roja..Posters were put up in very few corners of Trichy.. There was hardly any publicity.. Sensing a chance to watch a Mani movie FDFS, I remember rushing to Ramba cinema hall at around 9 am to catch the 11 am première. I was eighth in the Queue..The counters opened at half past ten and after selling precisely seven tickets, they downed the shutters. Imagine missing it by just that proverbial whisker.. Undaunted, I stayed back determined to catch the matinee..After all, I was now first in the line. But believe it or not, they did not even sell any tickets at the counter at 2pm. It was all out in the black market. I returned home dejected and swore not to see the movie at that hall.. And it ran there for 75 odd days before they shifted it to another hall - whilst poor me was torn between wanting to see it desperately and maintaining my resolve.

Then of course, I also need to mention about my cricketing experiences. I think the year was 1994 and I was in Std 11. I was representing my district at the under-16 level and we were playing Pondicherry in the quarterfinals away from home. The whole of the first day had been rained off and winning the toss, we put them in on the final day. Pretty soon things had taken a horrible turn for us and we'd dropped around 8 catches in the first hour. Edges were flying to the slips and gully and all the butter fingers in our team had been taking turns in letting them through. Since I had a strong arm and was one of the safest pair of hands in the team, I had as usual landed up in the outfield. (If not, I'd have settled for nothing but Point) But at the drinks break, my coach ordered me to get into the slip cordon. Reluctant to join the circus, I stood at second slip and watched my captain Navin drop a sitter at first slip. We switched places but the ball followed him to second. He dropped another. And in the middle of all this, our wicket keeper Lawrence muffed a sitter of a run out. There was too much action around me and it was on that chaotic day, I solemnly pledged never to get into the slips again. Needless to say, my pledge remains unbroken. And ya, we won that match - wanna know how - by spin of the coin since both teams could not complete even a single innings.. So ironic !!

There are numerous other incidents that I can recount but the latest cranky decision of mine is to never see the movie HUM TUM. Lemme explain. There is this person I asked out for this movie (and I don’t ask every Jane, Sally and Susie u can stop smirking) and she actually had the gall to turn me down :-) Wots this world coming to ? People are out to ruin my statistics. Killjoys. Sadists. Considering my plight, I decided to fall back on the standard rules that are religiously followed by "losers".

Rule 1 - If u don’t get what u want, erase all evidence that u even tried. But since I am honest (did I score any brownie points with this confession) I cannot obviously follow this.
Rule 2 - If you cant erase the evidence, rubbish it away. But again this is not gonna work coz I have told all n sundry that HUM TUM was a movie I strongly believed to be MISS NOT.
Rule 3 - Last resort- damage control: Create an impression that it does not really matter :-p

I think I will settle down to saying "When Harry met Sally is an absolute classic and I am not gonna let a cheesy, Bollywood remake ruin my fond memories". Wotsay ?? :-)


Ekta said...

hey completely agree..
harry met sally was a classic and our very own desi version kinda isnt too much to talk abt...but then I quite like saif and rani's cute hairstyle in the firts!:-)

And well for once u seem to have figured out the trust about urself!--way to go..atta boy:-)

Jupe said...

"Truth" is there were 14 other ppl dying to see it with me but i stood by my hurt :-p Tok abt moral stances !! Neway ur comment wasnt mean enough - U r outta form buddy gal :-) Wot plans for the weekend :-p

J said...


There’s just one last thingie I wanna tell u … I LOVE U!
Is Monday ok with u? Invites ka kya karen?