Thursday, June 03, 2004

The Holy Grail, Rolland Garros and my "salary correction"..

Continuing from Page 164, yesterday was a stark contrast to Day one. The chapters have become increasingly shorter, the encounters more and more predictable and the whole novel seems veering towards an end I think I already know. I guess only time will tell..After yesterday's read, my inadequacies in history and religion have been thoroughly exposed. I am totally intrigued by the fact that there seems to have existed a "radical" school of thought which actually believed that the Bible was a totally fabricated book compiled by people with vested interests with the sole idea of promoting the divinity of the human Jesus Christ and using his influence to further their own power base. Besides this, it is also believed that the Holy Grail is not simply a cup but actually refers to a woman who is a direct descendant of Jesus.(So Jesus Christ did have a girlfriend) Remarkable, isn’t it ? And yes, one of the scenes also mentions in passing about a Bois de Bologne or "Garden of Earthly Delights" situated very close to the famous Roland Garros courts. Gotta check it out whenever I go to Paris :-)

And talking of Roland Garros, its the second week at the French Open and believe it or not, some things never change. The Spanish Armada, a regular in the last 4 for the past decade, might have been replaced by three Argentinians (??) - Korea(Coria), Nalla pandian(Nalbandian) and Gow Deo (Gaudio) but its still those long, overdrawn rallies, still the same rowdy crowd and still the dark red, slow clay.. How boring ! I cant wait for Wimbledon to start ! However on the flip side, those two siblings (yuckkk) are out and what we have now are some mysteriously romantic names from the erstwhile USSR - Anastasia Myskina and Elena Dementieva. Three cheers to women's tennis !

"The old order changeth, yielding place to new..."

What’s cooking on the office front ? Nothing much. My sweetheart of a boss finally broke the news to me about the impending "salary correction" - the pessimist in me noted the usage of "correction" rather than "hike" and started worrying, my optimist of an ex-roomie Anand explained that maybe my boss felt I was grossly underpaid (wishful thinking) and hence used the word "correction" instead of "hike" to boost my ego. Wotever it is, I just hope it happens - and if it does - Anand, u get an extra special "mmwaaaahhhhhhhh" - on MSN, of course ! :-)

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