Friday, June 04, 2004

Despondency, cipher and my "hike"...

40000 feet below sea level...That was how low I had felt yesterday.. There have been days when i've been cross with everything and everyone around me for no rhyme or reason.. God help all those who interacted with me on one of those days..But yesterday was different. I knew exactly why I was feeling run down but could do nothing about it..It all boiled down to one person

35 42 24 54 11

.. I know that's cryptic - Maybe its my predilection with puzzles or my new found obsession with The Da Vinci Code but do have a shot at it just for kicks - Hint: Don’t assume its a name with five alphabets ;-) The bell has rung and I am on my last lap as far as the novel is concerned and much as its been predictable these last hundred pages, I could barely put down the book as my shuttle reached office this morning. Am leaving for home today evening - might be my last visit to Trichy, so nostalgic - and hope to finish it in the bus.

And yes, the much awaited hike happened today and u know how I feel :-)))))))))))))))

Ciao and have a nice weekend folks !

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