Monday, June 14, 2004

So who’s gifting me what?

Came in late 2 office today since folks have moved in finally..Have so much to say about the weekend but then theres loads of work to do :-( So will fill up space with something i wrote some time back..Needless to say, its "utter crap"..Ensoii the toture !

Good friends are like four leaf clovers: hard to find and lucky to have. Thankfully, my friends have been fortunate to have known me. Acknowledging the fact that many of my buddies have had defining influences on me, this leads to a more fundamental question: What does it take to sustain such friendships ? Easy enough question but the answer is not so simple.

Quite often I’ve realized that all it takes is to say a few simple words like “I care” or “I’ll be there for you” rather than leave it to be implicit. And what better way to say these than with gifts/presents/treats/simple acts! However if you are a pathetic poet like me, then forget all those filmi herogiri where you can break into a song at once :-( Here’s what I usually do…

• The easiest way to a man’s heart is thru food. So all you gals, just find out his favorite restaurant, book a table in advance for a crowded Saturday evening - preferably somewhere in the centre (shady corners are only for lovelorn couples), order his favorite dishes (men hate ordering) and then let him ogle at all the women who come in. If possible, sweetly bitch about a few and engage in casual banter about the women in his life. Believe me, he feels on top of the world. He feels he is significant and people care about him!!

• For all you guys listening, nothing turns on women like new clothes.. So take your friend along asking her to help you pick clothes for your sister/cousin. While she helps you out, no woman can resist trying out some for herself. Just observe what she freaks out on and without her knowledge, gift her same stuff she tried out.

Note: The above two acts are better done on just any other day rather than a special occasion like a Birthday.

• Girls love lipstick and makeup. Read about it, find out the latest “happening brands” and then take them to a big shopping mall where they can try out a million shades before choosing the one they saw first.. Stand besides and offer ’’educated opinions’’ (women really appreciate that). Try n sense their pulse, reassure them about their selection - Generally be very supportive even if you don’t agree with their choices!

• An ordinary friend knows all about your favorite movies and your crushes on the stars. A great friend takes you out to all those movies even though he/she cant stand them - I know its tuff for gals to like Govinda but have u ever seen the joy in his face (read mine) when you sit with him and ensoii the mindless antics ? Be with him and watch him go ga-ga over Bipasha Basu and i promise, he wont forget that evening for a lifetime!! And yes guys, we all care a damn for Hrithik Roshan or Brad Pitt but its just 3 hrs - Surely its worth it , for friendships sake !

• For an erudite friend, nothing is more appropriate than a thoughtful book. It always works! While Bach is recommended, Ayn Rand is not! Heavy philosophy, murder mysteries are a no-no. Light comedies, classics have done best for me!

Music is divine! Nothing can work better than a CD recorded with all the songs that he/she has enjoyed since his/her youth. And if you are a childhood pal, it helps if you know who his /her heartthrob was during school and college days and recording all those hits songs.

• Another simple yet sentimental idea would be to gift your best friend a framed photograph of u and him/her together.

• On second thoughts, all the above are useful but in my list, this last one tops it all. I’ve never claimed to be a great poet but for my dearest of dearest friends, I always gift ‘em a Tee with a personalized poem inscribed on it.

Hasta manana till I get my gift!


Anonymous said...

As usual I was speed reading...cruising through the miles n miles of verbiage you have on blah blah....clothes blah blah....cosmetics blah blah...."MOVIES" smash, bang, screech...had to slowdown da!
Reminiscence happened...flash cut - 14th Feb 2002, Brad for us and Julia for you...flash cut - 14th Feb 2003, Hugh for us, Sandra for you...hmmmm unfortunately no 2004!
But then 2 out of 3 is not a bad score, and the memories attached will last a lifetime for sure ;)

Ekta said...

hey..u seem to have ur fundas about women a bit warped!

yes some owmen do dig on the stuff u mentioned but will rather happily do with a calvin and hobbes book or even a cricket bat and ball!!!!.....long time have played that game da!

p.s:- where's my bday gift btw?...just in case u need any hints on what to give read text above!:-)

Jupe said...

V r toking of "women" - real "women" :-) The kinds who blush and say nice things n r genrally sweet n can cook n.... Now sit back n take stock..

U know wot.. Last week i was out at Landmarks tryin' to shop for a pal who freaks on C&H - there were so many books but my, my - i got a fit when i saw the price tags.. Reminding myself that i work at u-no-vere, i settled for something easier on my wallet but still sthg which brought an instant smile on her lips :-) I am jes too smart , u see..

As far as ur Bday gift goes - Old hag, at ur age all i can do is commisserate but if u insist, u get a neat li'l gift as soon as u treat me to Harry Potter for starting ur second innings in life :-)

Byee... loads of work pending :-(