Saturday, June 12, 2004

I let my fingers type..

and all I have are questions.

Why is it that we never realize the value of something that's been with us all along till we know we've lost it forever ?

Why is it that after so much preparation for the most defining moment of our lives, we still miss it and realize only after its too late ?

Why does it happen that in the search for perfection, we miss the simple joys of being flawed ?

Why do we so insist on dwelling on dreams that we forget to live ?

Contemplative mood this surely is.. And what’s more frightening is the fact that most of these questions are today throwing up answers that seem to be diametrically opposite to what I have believed all along..

Thanks to all those who commented on the previous blog :-) I wud love to comment that "Emotional blackmail works" but I guess I shud know better.


Mansur said...

Ada paavi, yaarum comment panlenaachum I was hoping you would stop...but makkal...sheesh.

Jupe said...

Nanba, indha maadhiri vishiyangalla potti irukanum poramai irukka koodathu :-p Neway i cant believe there is a fan following for even my rants, jes imagine wot wud happen if i wrote cerebral stuff.. The literary world better watch out..Btw, wud u beieve if i told ya i saw 86 minutes of the match yday and fell asleep only to see this morning that France beat England :-(