Friday, June 11, 2004

Random rants on a Friday...

Its been a very rough week @ work what with bushfires all around, the fire brigade on leave and anyone and everyone who knows how to handle a water hose asked to pitch in..Neway its all a thing of the past n I shant spoil my Friday by having yet another flashback considering there's so much to look forward to this weekend.

For starters, F1 moves to the American continent and I have this gut feeling that Montreal is gonna throw in a real shock result. The folks at Maranello aren’t gonna be popping their champagne bottles come Sunday - am tipping BAR to put in a strong performance. After all its gotta happen sometime this season - Button and Sato have been simply too good. And of course there's Euro 2004 at Portugal - it doesn’t get more intriguing than an England vs. France match, can't wait to see Henry and Pires run riot.. And then there is my Fatherland trying to salvage its reputation against Netherlands.

N then there's Bebo to drool at in Dev..n Cybil Trelawney to catch up with... Loads of B'day shopping to complete..Must also look out for Bob since I’ve decided to offload Pete to Mom n Dad..So much to do, so little time !

Interesting times are back again !

ps: I need to crib - its compulsive. I know there are a million people reading my blog everyday (or so I wud like to believe - sitemeter though maintains its only 31) but why on earth can't they jes leave behind a nice li'l comment. I understand its a pain to register but atleast as ANON, yaar. I demand it..Else I will stop blogging..Okie, I didn’t mean that..But u better or else !!


Anonymous said...

nice blogs ..

whatever said...

No no, dont stop blogging- you just started. You have a long way to go before you quit.. I demand you not stop!

Anonymous said...

darling u blogging fantastically n keep it going
wasn't tat rhythemic and no this is not from a gal and u shd have guessed who

Sidin said...

You will blog on the fields and in the streets
You will blog on the hills and err.. among sugar beets
You will blog come rain or shine
You will blog for as long as pickels come in brine.

My head may even one day see no dander
But you will never surrender

Keep Blogging