Tuesday, June 22, 2004

The weekend that was..

The weekend is done. I know it’s been done almost 36 hrs back but as usual, it was so eventful that it’s still worth revisiting it so late.

Friday @ work was godawful - I could hardly wait to get back home and chill out - Saw When Harry Met Sally for the fourth time. Funny, witty, clever and definitely romantic, this is what one would call a timeless classic - which brings us again back to the fundamental question "Can women and men just be good friends?" Harry Burns, much as I think u rock, its such a pity that you simply cannot understand the comfort levels in such platonic relationships. The movie was over by 11 and I still had over an hour to wait till Euro 2004 came up on telly. Was really down, more so after seeing the movie, that I was quite tempted to down a few bottles of beer. But then a promise is a promise :-(

The best thing about friends, and I mean the really close ones, is that they know how, when and what exactly to do to lift one's flagging spirits. Considering Lakshya was so hyped it was no wonder that all big halls were displaying House Full boards for the whole weekend. However the big depression (not in the seas but within me) had still not tided over by Saturday noon so two of my bosom buddies realized that the only way to "help" me was to take me out for a flick. So we ended up at Tribhuvan watching Lakshya 4 to 7 pm - I personally enjoyed the movie and now realize Farhan Akhtar might not be a one film wonder after all. We then hung around in a few pubs and as much as Satan tried all his tricks, didn’t down a single mug. (Pat on my own back - proud of ya nigger)

Sunday was simply the highlight ! Good, nay excellent, Veg Pulav at my cousins for lunch was just the start of what turned out to be a delightful day out. I had planned to catch up with my good friend cum Sunday movie date, Mansur (single and available - he's joining IIMA too) and we had made plans to see HP3. Reaching Symphony at around 5 pm, we found that balcony tickets were sold out. Snobs that we were, we refused to sit in stall and so decided to buy front row tickets (no sniggering pls). Since such cheap tickets are usually sold only after the costlier ones are filled up, we decided to while away time at Planet M and hang around MG and Brigade doing boys stuff :-) Surprise of all surprises, when we came back at 6, it was HOUSEFULL. Faced with the prospect of a full 3 hrs at our disposal we didn't know wot to do. After an hour of book shopping @ Crosswords and an hour @ Barista bullshitting under the guise of advising about life at B-school, we had an early dinner. No sooner had the plates been cleared when Mansur opened up and gave me gyaan on how to succeed in my social life. My, my, I have never heard anything funnier than this before. Here was one of the biggest MCP's and an engineer too (hehe) teaching me how to score with women. And listening to those pearly words of wisdom I couldn't but help observe that they seemed to reflect experience. Did I miss something these last 3 years da ?

You know I get around 32 readers every day - hopefully 50% are female of which 50% are single of which 50% are looking - That should give you 4 to choose from..Inky Pinky Ponky Wonky..Lemme know if u score :-)

Ciao folks !

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Pat Pat Pat - good tiger - a promise kept is the best promise made :D