Wednesday, June 23, 2004

The importance of being Jupe

There are just two kinds of people in this world - people who have a Gmail account and those who don't. For people who fall under the second category, all I can say is "Get a life" - You folks aren't even worth talking about - insignificant, worthless elements who have no reason for their existence :-) For all the junta who fall under the first category, all I can say is "Join the gang".

In case all ye laymen and laywomen (perverts, don’t get ideas) out here reading this fantastic blog are wondering what this brouhaha is all about, Gmail is an internet email service from Google and is currently available here. Now hold your horses. There's a catch to it. Right now it is still in the Beta testing phase hence the registrations are restricted. You can join only if you get an invite from an existing Gmail user. The existing Gmail users do not have the luxury of inviting unlimited users to Gmail. Hence getting a Gmail account is actually very difficult (So do I see expensive gifts coming by courier?)

What’s so great about Gmail? First things first - it makes for amazing party time conversation. While having a Gmail account might help you score brownie points with the more intelligent amongst the opposite sex (chest swells with pride), not having one is a sure sign of a loser.

Let’s now get technical. It offers 1000 MB of space (ok, rediff also does but..) and their simple text based interface loads up really fast. Messages never to be deleted (after all space is not a constraint), they can be flagged, archived but also retrieved easily since Google's searching technology is extended to Gmail too. The address book on Gmail is also on auto-prompt mode - when you type the first few letters, it displays all possible matches from your address book. I am a mouse guy but for all the keyboard junkies, the keyboard shortcuts are really cool. There are so many more features but I am yet to discover most of them. For more details

Signing off,
Jupe17(at the rate of)gmail(dot)com


Anirudh Garg said...

Sorry to rain on your parade :| But if anyone wants a gmail account just email me, I have tonnes of them to give out.

Ram said...

Gmail ..Piece of Crap..Dont get me wrong ..The only reason why they are inviting people is that they want to create an impression of it being special ...they do not offer pop3 access...the only reason why they want the web interface is they can show you ads...

THAT SAID...GMAIL ROCKS...And if you wanna go somewhere to get one..they are 75 cents on ebay...

Jupe said...


Dude, wots with all this Gmail baiting ? Mebeb the web interface has its own pain areas but then i still think this is a welcome relief compared to rediffmail. Neway forget the technicalities, it did come as a terrific kick to be part of the beta.. But now u've kinda burst the bubble with this e-bay thing :-(