Thursday, June 24, 2004

Wordsworth's successor ?

Dear Reader,

Confusion reigns. I am all hazy. Came across this wonderful (??) poem some time back but after giving it three reads I am still none the wiser as to what this profound poet has to say. Would someone please care to elaborate ? For starters I do understand that this is a verse where the poet has bared his heart out to his muse but beyond that I would really welcome if someone explained the passion in more simple English.

Expecting your inputs.
A very anxious Jupe

Thy, the heavenly blossom of mine,
Why, this quest in u'r eyes so benign.

You aer the one, my life's bubbles spring up from thee,
Deep blue horizon, where my sky chooses to die
The breeze that glows up the fire in my soul
You are my breath, the anchor that wont let me fall

The very life of me, oozing from the pores of my heart.

My heart ceases to beat, fading ur song in my ears,
I stand in a dream, with trembling lips for the feel of ur cheek.

My only friend, my foe, u make up for both.
The gloriest rose an, the thorn laying beneath.
Sparkling drop of rain an, the cloud's fiery breath,
My eternal soul, an its brittlest sheath.

My birth an my death, here I lay in ur lap.

The heavenly blossom of mine,
Never want to see those blue eyes in a pain.

My joyous company, an dreary loneliness,
The fire of my script, an the words I misspell,
You light up my nights, still my sorrow of darkness,
You r my sky, my wings that fell by

My dearest, you own me , all seen an unseen.

Thy , the heavenly blossom of mine,
Dew drop in my desolate terrain.

The breeze that glows up the fire in my soul
You r my breath, the anchor that wont let me fall

Note: Spellings and words have been reproduced verbatim - didn't wanna be sued for misrepresentation.


Ekta said... soon as am Able to decipher what language this is written in!!!

iii said...

I guess am stating the obvious. It looks like as if its a croon written by a love smitten poet, nothing more nothing less. Only two things can ever move somebody to write such poems... love and death.In someways guess both are the same.
The quest in line two is confusing..whose quest, the poets or the subject's?
No questions about the poem being wonderfull though..
deep blue horizon where my sky chooses to die...
what an imagination.
P.S hmm I was thinking wordsworth succesor was i guess have to relinquish being the heir apparent..*Sigh* welliam wordsmith...atleast ;-)

Girl With Big Eyes said...


i know this poem! obviously :)

let me give you a hint....this is an english 'remake' of a very popular Tamil song.

Can you guess now?

Jupe said...

Thanks to me getting half of the Tam speaking populace at work trying to crack this, i have hit pay dirt. Its "Oru dheivam thandha" from Kannathil :-) Yippeeee, i got it (by hook or crook)