Saturday, July 17, 2004

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Things may not be perfect but judging by the current planetary setup, they are probably good. Still if there is any element of an arrangement or close relationship that you would like to improve, its vital that you express your views. Be forthright with those involved about where you stand.....blah blah blah

That was my astro prediction for the day based on TOI. When I saw it today morning, my eyes lit up. Ever heard of favorite weekend tantrums ? Mine usually involves ranting and raving about how the world does not accept rebels like me. Screaming and shouting about how I wanna give up this monotonous job and do something that really excites me is not very uncommon. So after reading the day's prediction for me, I thought I should say the thing that used to scare my folks most "I wanna get into the movies - If Nagesh Kukunoor and Cindy Crawford can give up Chemical Engineering and Mani Ratnam can give up an MBA, so can I." Please note: I use the phrase "used to" - So you can guess what happened - Yes, they did not react to it. I am beginning to believe they've seen through me :-( But, why is it that no one thinks I can make it big at K/B/Hollywood ? Hey, you doubting Thomases, check out my past - I was always one of the best in school plays. Check out the emotions.

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From left to right
1 - Solomon Gerard: now all of 6'6", coding at CTS
2 - Johnny Prabhu: God-Knows-where
3 - Naveed Ibrahim: MBA from Australia, now plying his trade in Chennai
4 - Prabhu Missier: slogging his butt off at Honeywell
5 - (Can't name since paparazzi will swoop on this snap): Entertaining 32 ppl every day

Hey, maybe I got it all wrong. Maybe that astro-prediction was not for my career. Coz this is what my daily email prediction has to say

Here is your horoscope for Saturday, July 17:
You have never been luckier romance-wise. It's like you've won a lottery that you never knew you entered, and you're completely baffled as to how to spend the money. Be creative.

(Acknowledgements to whoever gave my email id for this daily subscription - I was so tempted to unsubscribe but the last 3 days it's been saying nice things and I didn't have the heart to)

So what should I say/do now ?

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