Friday, July 16, 2004

There's something about Minal Ahuja

I am referring to my MITR here. For those of you who don't work here, MITR is an internal counseling program that's being actively promoted within my company. As the publicity posters/mails clearly specify, the counselor does not give advice  to the problem. He/She is there to help you to see the problem objectively and enable you to take the decision you think right.

Minal, whos volunteered to be a MITR and describes herself in 5 words as Positive, Emotional, Intelligent AND Effervescent (Avinash, don't you dare laugh) seems to be jes the right antidote to my "problems". I think she will make my best MITR considering people often call me Negative, Indifferent, Dumb AND Passive :-)

And hey, I am proud of the fact that I was one of the first to see that spark/halo around her. Kaushik and Avinash, damn you guys. In case you are hooting with laughter on reading this, you can go to hell.

Have a nice weekend folks but pls don’t forget to visit my blog tomorrow too. There's loads to do so I am working. For regular readers, plans are afoot to revive our Mega Serial "Love Story...revisited" - The WunderKids cud be back in action soon. Keep your fingers crossed.

PS: This post was primarily to check the new formatting thingy which allows me to use colors. Yippeee....
PPS: Iske saath hat-trick of two posts per day ho gaya - Now I can RIP :-)

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