Friday, July 16, 2004

Chivalry - my foot !

Some guys are plain kill-joys. And *&^% (he doesn't even deserve a mention) is the biggest of them all amongst my buddies. I had mailed him on how i had given up my seat in the company bus Tuesday evening for a sweet lady (i believe she is married and 30+ so don't even dare to suspect my motives) and what does he do.. He sends me a questionnaire yesterday. Am reproducing it here with my answers.

Do you usually open doors for women (cars, hotels)?
Yes, almost always do

Do you usually offer women your seat in a crowded bus ?

Do you usually let women get into the elevator first?
Yes. Always

Do you usually pull chairs for women in restaurants?
Hmm.. Most of the times

Do you usually offer to hold hands and help women negotiate a busy road / rainy puddle?
Yes, i do

Do you usually offer to help them with their coats?
Haven't had an occasion to but i guess i would..

Proud that i seemed to have fared reasonably well in the test, i was eagerly awaiting his mail in return till he sent me this disgusting piece.

Now i am not so sure :-(


Anonymous said...

Ram uncle,

Are you a knight?
will you save me from bharat? He is a bad boy. He pulls my hair when i answer all the questions right in school.


Girl With Big Eyes said...

hey jupe,

are you confused? the heading and the contents in the blog seem to be pointing at different directions.

But lemme tell you something, whatever chivalrous acts you were doing till now were purely subconscious, right? If something comes so naturally to you, why should you stop doing it just because certain people dont think the same? Dont change it just becasue of what Walter Raleigh may have really done! (who cares actually!?)

Back to the chivalrous acts........Most of the classical ones are uncalled opening the door, pulling back the chairs etc etc...just because your partner is a woman.
But things like offering seats to women, holding hands while negotiating a busy road have a clear reasoning behind it rather than 'one should do it just because it is noble to do so'.
You may help someone cross the road cause you are concerned about their safety.
You may open the door for her cause if you open the door, its your responsibility to see that it doesnt slams shut on whoever it is with you!

I guess these days rather than chivalry, doing the right thing at the right moment is more important.
Acts like 'making sure that the door stays open till your partner enters the room with you', 'giving up a seat in a crowded bus to someone who looks really tired or someone who has a kid to carry', 'helping women carry heavy stuff if they find it difficult to do it thmeselves, 'taking care of their safety' are perfectly logical.
But jupe, dont you think you would do this for anyone.....and not just a woman?
If you said yes to it, let me tell you that you are one of those few people who will be appreciated very very much by anyone who interacts with you, be it xx or xy!
I guess Good manners and sincere concern for others is more important than 'chivalry for the sake of chivalry'.

But be cautioned! For all you know, if you open the door for a feminist, you may end up with her fingerprints on your cheeks. :)

ps: do i get the prize for the longest comment ever made in your blog? :)

Jupe said...
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Anonymous said...

He he he he. You freaked, did'nt you :) Here is the comment again as me. Chg your passwd dodo.
Yaar adhu - Jumbo'va ?

*giggle* am just imagining your face when you must have read that link.

Hooy, need i also remind you that tipping female waitresses more than male waiters (23 Rs for a check of 127 - r'ber..r'ber) does NOT constitute chivalry -its making a Jupe of urself ;)


Psst: U pay people by length for the comments. Cheee.

Ekta said...

hilarious..nope not ur post but the link u attached!

and well..hey u dont need to take it personally u know...guilty;-)

Hawkeye said...

Chandler bing would go "oh my god". The thoughfully attached reading material was absolutely hilariously disgusting. Did anybody go to the archives on that page? I read some stuff there. Fools go where angels fear to tread...

Anirudh Garg said...

Chivalry is cool but should be done with a minimum of fuss me thinks.. it should be classy, natural even subtle and should not come out as forced or necessarily contrived and as one more person put it, the basic caring attitude should towards everyone !

You are a pretty prolific blogger :) and its fun to read your stuff .. I am including your blog as a link in my blog..also shameless self promotion please read my latest entry about the difference between a desi and a ABCD ! :) at

Jupe said...

I am falling in love with u - Pls come out in the open :-)

Most of ur observations went over my head - guess am too dumb to get it - no wonder u r wher eu r n i am where i am ;-)

U made ur point. Yeps, twas Jumbo.. Avan thirundharadha theriyala..

Didja observe . I've been making nice comments in ur blog offlate :-)

Will reads ur latest post for sure. In fact used to drop in often but u werent bloggin as freq as u cud.. whihc brings us to ur comment on my being prolific.. wot a nice subtle way of calling me vela :-)))

Anonymous said...

Ram uncle,

i love you too! But where is sita aunty?