Friday, July 23, 2004

I AM BACK (A' la Arnie)

Good morning darlings :-)

Two days i am away and people don't miss a chance to run a man down. With f(r)iends like the ones i have, no wonder i've never needed enemies.

Okie, to quote William Thacker (Hugh Grant) from my my all time favorite movie Notting Hill"I wish to make it clear I've turned a corner and henceforward intend to be impressively happy." So its bad news for you all. Before i forget, Ekta, that was very, very rude - You've never laughed at any of my posts before ?? :-( And G boy, "Revenge is a dish best served cold". Just wait n watch.

So wassup folks? Nothing very interesting from my end. The last few days have been a little rough at work but yes, once in a while its a welcome break from having to click on one's SEND/RECEIVE button in OUTLOOK once in 6 seconds :-) On the domestic front, its been very nice going back to a home where the fridge is stacked with Toblerone and CDM and the dining table is always full of yummy food. No wonder i weigh 81kg now - havta lose some weight :-)

Oh yeah, before i forget, let me remind you all that i will be inaccessible to external forces on August 1st. Yeps, its FRIENDSHIP DAY and before you start trashing it, let me state upfront i also DO NOT believe in such crap. After all, one doesn't celebrate a wonderful thing like friendship on a single day. Ditto that for FATHER'S DAY and MOTHER'S DAY. (Note: I am not even talking of that stupid VAL DAY) Down with American consumerism. I see that i have digressed yet again. On FRIENDSHIP DAY this year, Zee English is devoting 12 continuous hours from 10 am to 10 pm for Season 9 of my favorite sit-com FRIENDS. Sounds too good to be true, right? But yes, i swear its true. Did i hear some "Oh my gawd"s? Good, you've already gotten into the spirit :-)

The weekend is almost here - 8 more hours to go. Fingers crossed. Have a great time folks. Spiderman, here i come. (And this refers to both Tobey and SJ Suryah)


Girl With Big Eyes said...

"Oh my gawd"? I am so JJJJJJJJ jupe!!!!

Maybe I can book the TV that we have in the mess for the whole day....but with all my luck I'll end up having back to back classes or field research that day!


anyways enjoy!

Ekta said...

jupe...there always has to be a first time...righto?;-)

Jupe said...

It hurts - n it hurts a lot - full sobbing happening - dat wasn't my post, twas my substitute's - which means u r yet to laff for mine - am i that bad ?

Field research - now wots that ? Outdoor assignments ? Mebbe u shud observe "consumer behavior" at a TV shop :-) Cmon, get ur priorities right. Its FRIENDS. you can always do this course some other time ;-)

Girl With Big Eyes said...


jupe, dont ever try that again!
these days i am so frustrated....small provocations like these are enough for me to think of ACTUALLY dropping out and catching the next bus to bangalore!

anyways just discovered yesterday that a friend of mine here has all of the Friends seasons on DVD.

have adopted him as my best friend for a few days :D
yeah i am a very very mean girl.