Thursday, July 22, 2004


Reproduced below r de high points of a conversation between 3 gentlemen: G, Venu and Jupie @ around 10:45 pm IST on Wed, 21st Jul. Dis comic show lasted all of 35 mts - De phone call costs vere as usual picked up by TCS (Venu here works for de world's best company)

Venu: So macha, are u still on one of ur BACH kinda journeys ?
Jupie: Hmmm
Venu: Wotz de latest count ?
Jupie: No comments
Venu: Wotz de latest count ?
Jupie: I said No comments
Venu: Wotz de latest count ?
Jupie: U friggin' deaf or wot. Neway itz less than urs.
Venu: Of course, i am sure itz less than 14 but i'd still like to know the exact figure.
Jupie: 5
Venu: It includes that 1 who was born for you (smirk)
Jupie: Hmm
Venu: Wow, a loser like u also has a market as big as 4. How many have u seen ?
Jupie: Are u nuts, u moron. Child marriage is prohibited by law.
Venu: Someone just told me he is phsically 26 and
mentally 62.

Venu: Just spoke with 1 more, Mridula i think, last weekend macha. And i had to say NO.
Jupie: How can neone ever say NO - Have u thot abt how she feels.
Venu: Foto all nice da macha. Good family but all she kept talking was opportuntities/openings fer software in the US, H1B visa 
Jupie: Ha ha ha.. This sounds so much like Hyderabad Blues and dat Swathy Aunty's daughter character.
Venu: And then she loves Junior NTR da macha.. I cant stand that bugger. Even in email she wrote abt this last film Samba
Jupie: I am loving this. You like Ramba and she likes Samba.
Venu: Macha, its my life da. I cant compromise. I will wait for Ms PERFECT.
Jupie: Wot if urs got lost because she took a wrong turn and is too stubborn to ask for directions.
G: Ha Ha Ha.. Awesome man.

(By now Jupie has considerably cheered up at Venu's expense)

Venu: So when are u getting married?
Jupie: Ask Kirsten Dunst. She just broke up yesterday. She has to decide.
Venu:  Get serious da. Are u going to Chennai for that thing only?
Jupie: Gimme a break asshole. Can't ya Gults think of anything but marraige ?
G: Chuck it da Venu. Neway our man is going to SUNDARAPANDYAPURAM to get his girl.
Venu:  I didnt get that.
G: Thats the village Arvind Swamy goes to get a gal in Roja
Venu: Oh that way huh. Who is it gonna be - the bold Roja or her demure elder sister?
Jupie: Fuk you guys, why cant i get that HOT Rukmani even in my dreams.
G: He he he he he he he he
Venu: U r ulti macha.
Jupie: Yaya, considering i've used that line thrice today :-(

Jupie, some people's existence is only to bring happiness and cheer into other people's lives.They were born to entertain. Now stop this silly sulking and get back to being "normal". If this aint convincin' enuf, look at ydy's site numbers - they are faaaaaaaalling. Come back sonny.

Sorry 2 for writing this but i guess i can take that liberty, canti ?


Ekta said...

For once ur blog has managed to make me laugh!!:-)
neat piece macha!

Btw loser..wats the count anywayz;-)

Anonymous said...

Jupie nee 5 ponnu pathutiya??? sollave ille??? Sundarapandipuram...hmmm...konjam TRA dialogue madiri irrukku ;)


Rukmani said...

This is gonna sound weird...
Ogay i was just pissed abt my royally scrwd up life and so i decided to type "fuk rukmani" and google it..
U knw like evrythin else...
To my suprise, it comes back with results and the 1st thing that i see is "Jupie: Fuk you guys, why cant i get that HOT Rukmani even in my dreams" and i was like WOW do you think it cud be sme1 i knw who desperately WANTS me ..
(must admit,tht turned me on alrite!!!)
N thn obviously i open the page n i read ur conversation wid venu n G ...
Bt the point is i lived in chennai for 7 yrs n i really hoped it cud be sme1 i knew..
nywas, i realizd it was the same oll ROJA Movie n had NUTIN to do wid me..
anywas u made me feel bettaa,
Funny huh!! lifes crazy ...