Wednesday, July 07, 2004

My Graduation Thank Yoo speech - part 2

Now that I have dispensed with the usual suspects, let me concentrate on the silent and often unacknowledged behind-the-scene players who have contributed so much to making my 2 year stay at SP a memorable one.

Thanks a tonne to...

Everyone@TheBistro especially young Sharad - u guys were almost family - feeding me those endless coffees, pastries and soft drinks.

Valsan, Ajay and Prashant at CC for helping me get my comp back running no sooner had it crashed (which was once too often for my liking)

Preeti for sending us those long dreadful mails about classes and test schedules that no one cared to read :-)

and Vincent at admin without whom I would have never realized the powers of bureaucracy

Suhaas and Prahlad at admin without whom I would not have learnt how to get around bureaucracy :-p

Mukesh for your loads and loads of patience in putting up with Adcom

Khidkiwaali Sunita for making me wait to pick up the books over the counter - believe me, those hours seemed like just minutes coz of u :-)

Nishi for being our silent partner in scheduling classes such that we had maximum time off ;-)

Varsha ma'am without whom my education at SP would have been so incomplete

All the Professors and Lecturers for trying ur damnedest to get me to learn - special mention to AKD sir n his sense of humor, Noorul Islam for those wonderful Ad videos, Ravi for your "balls" lectures and Jayesh Talpade for his Art of Living (to be read as: Sales and Distribution Channels) lectures

All the staff of Vrindavan for those wonderful lunches and dinners at discounted prices

Shiva for his unique qawali entertainment and quaint paan shop

Guptaji for his incomparable cutting chai and vada paav (Saakshi, u never know wot u missed, ask Richa)

The STD booth wala who always complained that I never made looooong fone calls :-p

Harish at the music store in Planet M, Andheri who was brave enough to try my management funda (shelf space optimisation) in reality

Prithvi, Fame Adlabs, Juhu beach, Crosswords, Mahalaksmi, Ram Naik, Lokhandwala, Madh Island, Navrang and a million other places where I have left my indelible footprint - Thanks you all !

Whew !

(Clap Clap Clap)


Quill said...

Jana Gana Mana Janangalai Ninai...


One Jupe
132 others from different strata of the society
Meet in a college
And their lives change forever....

Hope the 1 comment tag under ur blog makes ur day.


Jupe said...

Thalai, yes, honestly u made my day with the comment. Any post without even a single comment looks like a widow's forehead (wot a comparison nuh)

Btw, naanum oru Mani Ratnam devotee..For me there are only four festivals in Tamil Nadu - Pongal, Diwali, Tamil New Year Day and a Mani Ratnam movie release date :-p

Btw, wots the update on Sandeep's HB2 date? :-)

ps: Why Quill ?

Ekta said...

nostalgia happening..on my MBA days..especially the Juhu, Crosswords, Marine drive, bandra pubs..totos!!

U got me there jupe!