Tuesday, July 06, 2004

My Graduation Thank Yoo speech - part 1

If Oscar winners are allowed to make speeches, then why aren't we allowed the same privileges at graduation ceremonies. After all, this is as big an event as it gets in every Joe's life. Considering I never got a chance to make one, here I go attempting one.

(Since I don’t have our yearbook with me now and all I have is the B'day calendar staring at me, the acknowledgements are in the order of ppl's B'day)

It’s been a great pleasure knowing all 132 of you. Each one, in ur own way, have left an indelible mark on me and as I find myself running the last 10 mtrs of my student life, I would like to place on record my humble thanks to

Inspector Shukla for teaching me that money borrowed during Markops and Markstrat is probably the only time in life when it does not need to be repaid

Chinu for showing me that a 2 year all expenses paid holiday is still possible staying at B-school - Ur poor father !

Tusku for all those magical moments of sheer madness on IP at 1 am in the morning

Sumit for all those proxies in Market Research without which my Wednesday evenings would have been lifeless

Saakshi for discovering the romantic in me (Saathiya...Saathiya) and proving that kids will always be kids

Dada for entertaining all the D-wingers by being more KKD than KKD himself

Onkar for teaching me that one could LOVE-ALL

Aunindo for enlightening me on the merits of leading a clean life

Ramesh for giving me definite proof that GOD exists and for those 8 weeks of sheer delight called DOCC. Oh Podu !

Rads for reminding me that women can sometimes be smarter than men :-p

Addy for reinforcing my belief that nerds could be extremely fun-loving too. You rox !

Jaya for our great times in Adcom and for our long and ever-lasting friendship

Break ke baad

Venki - my bro, my soul-mate, my partner-in-crime, my man-for-all-seasons from TT to Television

Neelam for all the treats, movies, walks and hours spent doing boring Adcom work

Kerry for showing me how to live life serving others :-)

Promod for shocking me with ur wild ways and infuriating me with ur affection :-p

TRA for being my ready-reckoner for anything remotely associated with Marketing and academics

Pankaj for teaching me "priorities" in life

Nararyan for reminding me of what I could have become (and what I thankfully didn’t turn out to be)

Amina for putting up with all the nonsense from D-16 and still being nice to us :-)

Aparna/Aarthi for all the Val day dates and our Tam gang get-togethers - precious memories those !

Sachin for your undying enthusiasm working for Adcom

Pranav for redefining 'COOL' for me, staying "off" my women and a million other things - actually for every minute spent together at D-16

Suchi for filling in that gap of being the sister I never had and the one person whose notes I could always xerox :-p

Trooni for teaching me some of life's most invaluable lessons and for laying the foundations for the mad Jupe I am today

Ashish for trying to match me in decibels in the hostel and intensity in B'day bumps - u havta admit though that u always were second best !

Paresh Nagar, our desi Shekhar Suman meets Udham Singh equivalent, who provided us BH-168 and other cheap thrills :-)

Amit for all those googled case studies and heart-to-heart talks

Sagun for being my only love in college

and finally Dhruv, for sparing the world from Rads :-p

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Ekta said...

am almost in tears...u forgot to thank the lizard in ur room, the ants near ur hostel bed, the dog in the compound!:-)..just kidding!

Nice blog..and even nicer to see that u have soo many people to thank!!