Monday, July 05, 2004

Uffff, I know I promised but...

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....then not all promises are meant to he kept. Neway much as I tried my best to round up a snap of "the hottest one" and scan if for ye all, I could not manage to get my hands on her..ooops...snap, i mean. So went to Google images to try my luck and gawd, "Hot Chick" does throw up some interesting results - Trust me :-p

The one that caught my fancy most is shown here(I swear)

ps: Can anyone whoz seen Hyd Blues2 give me a detailed review? How many stars did it pick up in TOI?


Ekta said...

hmmm..must say...nice choice!...
Maybe I should also try a search on "Hot dude"!:-)

Hyd blues 2 is just one notch lower than 1..but worth a watch anywayz!..they havent lost the crude humor touch here too...

Drags a little but manages to keep u engrossed overall and much more paise vasool than any movie recently I have seen!

In short--Must see!

p.s:- If u can see Janasheen--u can see anything!!!

Jupe said...

Jupe's choice of women is always impeccable. Tell him sthg he doesn't know :-)

HB2 yes, i jes wanted to chk wotever opinions i've got from other ppl and it kinda matches with urs.. Will give it a shot though the Greek Mahabharat is now first choice in my "wanna see movies" list.

Hey Janasheen - it want bad yaar..The Arabic music, the "insha eh beraham eh mansha.....wotever" and that pink bikini :-)