Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Those were the best days of my life...

We were 16 of us in the Admissions Committee. We were the envy of most of our batch mates. We were the "chosen ones" - the ones who decided the future of SP. We had our parties - We had our fights - We went through all of it together - we were FAMILY.

Before our farewell, Aparna had this idea of designing a Tee shirt with a caricature of each of us in our characteristic poses. When she was through with it, we loved it so much that we decided we will take a snap along the same lines. Needless to say, lot of the poses weren't very flattering but we were all sports and today this is one snap that brings back a flood of memories. Attagal!! Here it is...

Adcom group snap
Originally uploaded by Jupieee.

Sitting/squatting from left to right

Thiruvalli Rangachari Anand aka TRAsh - Sharp brain hiding behind that lazy allure captured in the pose of Lord Ranganathan himself.

Nandakishore aka Nandu Re - The dancer/musician/artiste of the gang

Jayashri aka Amma - caught in the act - if it was the Kavach kundala for Karna, then its the cell phone for this lady :-)

Pranav Dhar aka Peelu and Neelam Singh aka Neelu - Thick as thieves, pals forever

Narayan Subramanian aka Nari - The sincere, serious, hard working swamiji who had to be persuaded to smile for this photograph

Aparna Sivakumar aka Appu - The creative brains behind ADCOM including this photo/caricature

Standing from Left to Right

Rahul Sarin aka Casanova - Young, dashing knight-in-shining-armor who doubled as Shweta's guardian angel

Shweta Jhanji aka JhaanGE - the "Behn of all Behns" tying the "Rakhi of the day"

Ramakrishnan aka Ki Bro - the smiling (due to relief) "Bhai of the day"

Rajesh Kumar aka Dada - ADCOMs home-bred Kumar Sanu

Ritesh Arya aka Aaloo - "Hic Hic Hurray" was his motto in life

Raghunandan aka Rags - "Show me the beer" was the mantra for this man

Sachin Anand aka Andy - Our Captain with his "usual luggage"

Amrit Pal Singh aka Paaji - "Wots my next funny line" reads the look on his face, always

Kiran Kumar Das aka KKD - Forever lurking behind, doing nothin'


Ekta said...

Hey nice post!

Kindled some of my TISS memories and yes I still treasure all the T-shirts and snaps from TISS...

In fact we had got a mug done in TISS where the names the entire class was printed and yes its one of the items top on my list of favourite things!

Anonymous said...

Susie says:
Lou u da!!!! :P

Anonymous said...

Ram uncle,

can i have rahul sarin or rajesh kumar's ph no???