Monday, July 19, 2004


Saw Troy yesterday. Before I start my dissection (do I hear groans?) let me confess upfront I loved the movie inspite of its obvious flaws. The hype and hoopla was worth it. Here's my take on the movie

Helen: "Baby, this old buggers no good - I wanna have good sex every day. Puhleeez"
Paris: "Oh boy - coool - but I got nice new Kurl-Ons at home in Troy - wanna move in with me ?"
Helen: "Sounds good - lets go baby"

And so Paris abducted Helen and Melenaus waged war and Hector died defending and Troy burned and Achilles became immortal ...(in background, Bryan Adams croons "And its all for SEX... All for SEX..")

On a more serious note,
Thumbs up to the
Brilliant cinematography, haunting background score, spell-binding art direction and excellent performances by Eric Bana (have just penciled you in for my first Hollywood movie) as Hector and Peter O Toole as Priam.

Thumbs down to the
Lack of depth in the characterisation of Hector/Helen/Menelaus, Absence of genuinely stirring emotional moments.

A few questions to Mr. Wolfgang Petersen, the director

* If Helen was supposed to be "the face that launched a thousand ships", then why Diane Kruger? Why not Catherine Zeta Jones or Keira Knightley or even Kareena Kapoor?

* Was Paris such a wimp even in Homer's Illiad ? (Gotta check out this book now)

* Eye-popping visuals apart, did you need a 180m$ budget to reinforce the Tenth Commandment "Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's wife" Someone give me this kinda money to make "1984" - Please.

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Anonymous said...

You might want to check this out - - the entire Iliad for your scrutiny!!!

Couldn't agree more with the choice - ERIC BANA is ... well he is ... shucks no words da ;) - Let's sign him up - u pencil and i sketch!!!!

Susie :D