Tuesday, July 20, 2004

*Chuckling with delight*

What a start to the day. Just had a "normal" telephonic discussion over VoIP (decibel levels must have been at 80) with one of the Technical Managers here. I always thought i was cocky and arrogant but this "gentle"man makes me feel like an amateur. We got into a healthy debate on the pros/cons of a particular marketing approach (shan't bore you all with trivial details) but luckily for me, it was one of those occasions when i knew what i was talking about. It did help that i had done a lot of home-work on this particular topic (5 hrs on Saturday) and was prepared for all his counter-arguments. I am usually a gracious winner and never believe in hurting a man who is already down-and-out. Dunno what got into me today but despite the fact that my opponent was beating a retreat mid-way into our conversation, i did not let go. I dragged him deeper and deeper and refused to let go till he finally accepted that he had been wrong. Felt good :-)

Big boss is in Europe - Small boss no: 1 is in Pune - Small boss no: 2 is at the customer's premises. I was also due to go to Chennai but lest there be a leadership vacuum here, i graciously offered to stay back and rule. Did i say rule? Technically, as Aravind loves putting it, i am head of the BU for the whole of today. Will someone please bring me some papers to sign? Will someone please call me up and request for approvals - attendance record, leave records - kuch bhi chalega. I AM THE BOSS TODAY :-)

Break for coffee. (Slurppp) I make good coffee (shabaash)

Back at my seat. No fires to douse, no more arguments to pick up - have only our Six Sigma project to do. Maybe i should listen to some music. Hmmm.. Phir Milenge? Yes. After the critically acclaimed Mitr, this is Revathy's second venture and stars Sallu, Abi baby and Shilpa "hot legs" Shetty. With music by my favorite SEL and lyrics by that funny man Prasoon Joshi, Phir Milenge does not disappoint. Here's a taste of my favorite song in the album

Betaab dil hai dhadkanon ki kasam
Naa reh sakenge ab judaa hoke hum
Waada karo tum, Jaane se pehle
Waada karo tum, Jaane se pehle
Phir Milenge sanam

And no prizes for guessing who sings this number - Sonu. Yesssssssssssss.


Anonymous said...

BOSS, give yourself a 30% hike today folowed by a treat to all your well-wishers ;)

"Jeene ke ishaare" is awesum ;) Whens dis movie releasing! Has Sirisha said Yes for your movie date or have you bin turned down there too!

*chuckling with delight* - OK

Anonymous said...

Ram uncle,

What's chuckling with delight?

J said...

Mr Boss-for-the-day,

u r suffering from a geek-gap!

btw, thanx for calling me a friend... not that i care... but anyway, who cares.