Friday, July 30, 2004

The unfortunate letters series - 2

Hey old hag,

You did it once in the past when u shifted jobs - i didn't take offence coz i kinda understood. But u r doing it again now - u think i don't know, dont u ? Okie, i know all about January 2005. So will u be honest and tell me or do i need to be kept waiting. Don't u know happiness is the only thing that doubles when shared. We r pals, right ?


Hello Mr.Curious,

Thanks for that compliment that i seem to be managing my time well. Many of the posts are typed on the spur of the moment (I try my best though to "collect my thoughts", "get organised" and "run a spell check" always), quite a few have been ideas at the back of my head for a long time  but nowadays with my lappie back in action (yippeeee), i do type some of these posts at odd hours. For example, the H20 post was done at around 3 am when i couldn't get to sleep :-) Did that answer your question ? Good. Next fanmail pls.


Dear u-no-hu,

I..errr..wanted to know if...(Tongue-tied) Chuck de (Shud i - shud i not) Not now atleast. (how much longer Jupie)
Have a super day :-)

Respected Premji-san,

"Sorgame endraalum adhu namma Wipro pola varuma" Sorry, got carried away. I just meant to say "I love your company and adore you" :-) You were so nice during the MSI, now be a good ol' man and give me a whopping PPR and i will serve you loyally. In case you are a little confused about the %, maybe i can send you my timesheets for the last 2 weeks to help you make up your mind. Or easier still, repeat after me - Jupie deserves a 50% hike :-))))

Kind regards,

Emp no: 93135

Dei PB,

I know you don't read this blog but i will get someone to fwd u this post coz i am way too nice to ask u all this F2F :-)  Here's my wish list

1. Wireless headfones
2. Twelve O' Clock High VCD
3. Loads of chocos

Doesn't it look familiar? Yeah. Its precisely what i asked you last time around when u claimed u had no time to shop ;-) Take care and go to Vegas this time without fail.
My dear dear blog,

I've been hearing from people that u were cribbing about how i rarely give you an off. How would you like a weeks break? Did i hear u say "Good riddance" :-)
See ya.



OriginalKopy said...

You silly twerp, wot a chance u missd!! Did you do it this way evn the 1st time?? Disgustin :O A weeks break from YOU is welcum bt have sumone write sumthin'!! I get bored here :(


Ekta said...

Hey kiddo,

Been trying to synch up with you on weekends to share some news....(remember asked if u were free for movie??)!...and u just were never available!

Didnt think phone/mail was the right way for this--but since u prefer it that way..well u will get a mail/ call from me soon!:-)