Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Breaking News

"Love Story...revisited " starts off again after a long break tomorrow. There is a RECAP which has been put up now to help jog your memories. Hope you enjoy the series.

The SP team lost in BBC's The Challenge on Monday. That’s bad news for B schools but hey, they lost to GE Financial services which was represented by.. guess.. guess.. yes, Akshay Sovani, my junior who passed out from SP last year. Wot's wrong with other B-schools, don’t ya folks have any half decent quizzers who can atleast make us work a little harder for the booty :-))

Karan Johar's next movie is rumored to be an adaptation of Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code. Hey, didn't they tell him there is no scope for chiffon sarees and karva chauth there? But with KJ, you never know :-)

That's it !

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Venks said...

Mama , I loved this blog.....amazing to note...tht SP guys beat Beat SP on else arnd i guess...awesome stuff buddies keep going. Also i hope tht egoistic..B&^& Derek mentioned this......

We badly need all the publicity we deserve..