Wednesday, August 11, 2004

The Numbers Series - Part 2

7 questions that need answers ASAP

* Where can i meet Geoffrey Boycott's momma?

* Who the f&^% is John Galt?

* How on earth did Kajol fall in love with that chimpanzee Prabhu Deva when there was the handsome Arvind Swamy waiting in the wings? (There's still hope)

* Who pushed Humpty Dumpty?

* What would happen if Quentin Tarantino got Atal Bihari Vajpayee to pen dialogues for his next film?

* If a book about failures doesn't sell, is it a success?

* Is Jughead Jones gay?

6 things to remember before you ask your parents to move in with you

* Buy a shoe rack and get into the habit of using it - Leaving your shoes and slippers aise hi will lead to looong bhashans on how disorganised u have become since u left home (and that would have been milleniums before)

* Learn to fold newspapers neatly and store it in a single place chronologically - leaving them randomnly strewn about is an absolute NO-NO

* Get friendly with doormats - Wipe your feet everytime u step into any room - it does not matter if u were just moving from the hall to the bedroom

* Update yourself on which grocery shops in your neighbourhood sells which goods below MRP

* Know the addresses and phone no: of all possible specialists in medicine who live in the vicinity - you never know when they will come to use

* Get them an own cellphone or your house a landline looong before they move in - whatever happens do NOT lend them your mobile for even a few hours :-(

5 books that i will remember till my grave

* The Hardy Boys series: That mad dash to the library during the interval on Thursdays (till std 7) and then Fridays (after std 7) to get the latest Hardy Boys book issued before Hector Arun Pinto got them - Priceless memories these !

* A Tale of two Cities: Love and sacrifice - i learnt what they meant from this classic by Dickens - Sydney Carton remains one of the biggest influences in my life :-)

* Asterix series: I love comics and more so, intelligent ones. The bard Cacophonix, that cute Dogmatix, 93 yr young Geriatrix - sheer delightful art. How i wish Goscinny had lived longer :-(

* To Kill a Mocking Bird: Who doesn't know Atticus Finch? THE BOOK which opened my eyes to a totally different world - something i read whenever i need to reinforce my beliefs - tis a pity Harper Lee never wrote another one.

* Lajja: I read this award winning piece of shit (using novel wud be an insult to the word itself) by Ms. Nasreen in English and i can safely claim that i have never chanced upon worse stuff. Clearly written with an eye on courting controversy and in the process making a fast buck, Lajja is a disaster i wouldn't gift even my worst enemy.

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