Monday, August 16, 2004

Independence Day evening movies - a roundup

After visiting a newly married friend yesterday evening, I left my damn mobile at their place and discovered to my chagrin that the lovey dovey pair had taken off for a movie-dinner outing. Since most of my contacts/friends info was stored in it, all plans for the evening were ruined. (Baddy, am really sorry) Trudging back home disconsolate, I ordered food in and switched on telly for yet another of those loooong couch-potato sessions. Besides alternating between the Olympics, EPL footer and cricket, I managed to see almost 5 movies...and here's my take on them..

Zee Cinema: HAHK
Chaahe public kuch bhi bole, mast picture hai yaar..I love HAHK. Yes, it has most of the character artistes I dearly despise - that sugary Alok Nath, that horrible hammer Anupam Kher, that goody-goody Reema Lagoo and that godawful Mohnish Behl.. But what works for HAHK is without any doubt the wonderful screen chemistry between the lead pair - the almost dreamlike romance between Madhuri (who is as beautiful in this film as anyone could ever look) and Sallu. Other honorary mentions that contribute to making HAHK a classic would have to be the wonderful songs (that song..Pehla Pehla pyaar hai..*sigh*), Sooraj Barjatya's deft direction and the absolutely incredible feel-good factor associated with almost every damn scene. Hey, the bhabhi character of Renuka Shahane was also awesome - is somebody listening? ;-)

Zee: Deewar
Critics panned it for the shabby treatment of a topic as sensitive as PoW..The box office receipts were not so flattering as it failed to evoke the passion of a nation which is so used to jingoistic fare like GADAR..And so Deewar landed up on Zee yesterday night. Though I had seen the movie at the halls a month back, I could not hold back from seeing portions of it again. And no prizes for guessing why. Sanjay Dutt. Awesome. As the tongue-in-cheek criminal with a serious identity crisis, Dutt delivers a sterling performance proving yet again that he is one of Bollywood's most versatile actors. Akshaye Khanna is passable and KK Menon is good but not as good as he was in Chhal. And well, AB is AB. No comments :-)

Jaya TV: Kaadhal Virus
Lousy - absolutely lousy - after that wonderful Idhayam, its been steadily downhill for Kadhir and Kadhal Virus is proof that the man needs a break. Someone needs to tell him that big budgets and super hit songs do not make a successful movie. Which brings us to the music of KV - for me, it has two of ARRs best tunes..That lilting Sonnaalum Ketpadhillai sung so evocatively by Unnikrishnan and SPBs soulful Vaazhga Vaazhga..

Sun TV: Citizen
I used to be a big fan of ULTIMATE STAR Ajith till Dhanush arrived on the scene.. So couldn’t resist catching glimpses of this flick yesterday evening. Ajith and his super pot belly, Nagma and that horribly dubbed voice, Vasundhara Das's trance like expression for every scene - did I have a laugh?

HBO: Big Daddy
Agreed..Adam Sandler can be loud and sometimes obnoxious too but then this is a guy who has kinda grown on me..Though he has re-invented himself off late with sober and gentler versions (I loved 50 First Dates...don't go sheeeeeeeesh), its funny to go back and see some of his older movies.. Big Daddy, released in 2000 I suppose, was one of his earlier hits where Sandler plays a straight talking loser with a heart of gold. As usual the gags are dumb, even gross and have lotsa sexual connotations but coming from Sandler, it doesn’t quite horrify the viewer. The kid (actually "kids" since two identical twins played the role) playing Sandler's adopted son Julian "Frankenstein" is absolutely adorable and the soundtrack rocks too. All in all the movie is fultoo TP.


Susie said...

Jupie check out 'I Robot' - its super cool!
First, Second,Third.....there is WILL SMITH...aawwwww do i have to say more!!! ;)
Hope u were one of those kids who used to think Asimov was the bestest thing that happend to Scifi - i was one & it was great to see a tribute paid to the GRAND MASTER :D
There are some great one liners too!!! ;))
Watch it da!

Jupe said...

Sorry to be the party-pooper but i think SCI-FI sucksssss... and i hate Asimov..If that makes me dumb n classless, so be it..Venks tried to con me into seeing I ROBOT with him n i said a FIRM NO...

Susie said...

Jupieeeeeeeeee kavuthutiye da!!!
U know what, even i hate being a Party-Pooper but you are just tempting me to post 'Just another face in the crowd - 2'in ur comment section - now i wonder how that wud feel :P
So u eating ur words????? ;)

Jupe said...

Get this loud and clear.. I will NOT succumb to emotional blackmail.. Besides i plan to put up AFITC - Part 2 next Saturday so u have no hold on me :-)
SCI FI suxxxxxxxxxxx big time...

Susie said...

Looks like you don't understand what i am getting at - remember da, rack that memory closet you are mega proud of - does the faint light of dawn hit you?

JAFITC .... part of a super set called 'Memoires' .... renamed version of the actual 'As you like it' - LET THERE BE LIGHT!!!

kanna 21st Apr '04, the time is abt 8pm, Jupie send mail to Susie - u still think i am kidding?????

ohhhhh I love blogging ... ha ha ha (villi sirippu)

perizad said...

Yesterday i was wandering near the deep blue sea
and then a lone sea gull flew over me
oh yesterday was so crappy

suddenly, i'm more than the woman i used to be
where's the man hiding inside me
oh yesterday has changed me

why she fell for me i don't know
she didn't know i was gay
i myself didn't know
what i was yesterday

yesterday all these guys were so cool to me
now they run away at the sight of me
oh how i wish it was yesterday

perizad said...

Jupe said ...
Isn't this carrying things a little too far? :-(((((

Perizad said ...