Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Kyuun!! Ho Gaya Na...

...is one of those movies

* whose basic storyline has been beaten to death a million times before but is still finding takers

* which has no strong reasons for being recommended but is still a must-watch for insufferable romantics like me

* that is high on gloss but lacking soul

* that is filled with lighter moments that will have make you *smile* but fails whenever it tries to get the viewer emotionally involved

* which has a very pretty heroine and an extremely endearing hero who unfortunately do not share great screen chemistry

* where the sum of the parts is much lesser than the whole

The Waah Waahs

# Yes, the much publicized on screen smooch between the real life lovebirds is very much there but is thankfully very aesthetically treated :-p

# SEL's music simply rocks.. Since I have already gone ga-ga here, will give this one a skip now

# Vivek Oberoi as Arjun is totally at ease as the easy-going, bratty cynic while veterans like Om Puri, Rati Agnihotri and Tinnu Anand lend ample support

# Aish's lovely, curly tresses as seen here or here or here.... :-)

# The dialogues (Vivek shares the credits here) are witty, winsome and sometimes downright sentimental - chk this out "Pyaar ke liye waqt ki nahin sirf ek lamhe ki zaroorat hai"

# The camerawork and choreography for the songs is captivating

# The follow-up to the Birthday party scene is mind-blowing - this is one scene where both Ash and Vivek were totally in their elements.

The Naah Naahs

# AB as Raj Uncle in his over-the-top comic avatar , Aishwarya "Mannequin" Rai as Diya and the Suneil Shetty cameo

# The very slow screenplay

# 15 minutes of madness after the interval at the orphanage

# the highly melodramatic Queen of Sheba game in the pre-climax

# the highly irritating product placements - Castrol GTX and Ceat

What left me pondering...

?? Wasn't it brave of Diya to have bared her heart to Arjun without knowing how he felt about her?

?? Seeing no response from Arjun, was Diya right in running away without seeking the truth?

?? Was it fair on Arjun's part to not let go and follow Diya back?

...so many more questions... Kyuun!! ho gaya na..mein senti :-)

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Priyanka said...

i cannot believe that you found anything at all good about the movie (apart from the music, and Om Puri)!!! Esp Ms.Rai's tresses..as far as "style" goes, the movie was positively beneath usual bollywood standards...the "romantic" dialogues were cheesy,the orphanage situation..was mysterious (did they have to have one?..and even for someone like me who went into the theatre with zilch expectations, this was like somebody throwing rocks at my head fr about three hours..
oh btw, thanks fr dropping by my blog :)...