Saturday, August 28, 2004

More kirukkalgal..

Yet another survey about the best workplace came out in HT yesterday and its no surprise that Wipro is nowhere near the top.. And no prizes for guessing that Infy is ranked in the top 3.. But what is definitely shocking is seeing TCS right up there .. Now this is one survey all students of Market Research have to study in detail to learn how to ask questions such that you get respondents to say exactly what you want them to ..Wonder how many shares these HT guys got allotted :-)

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Happy Onam Anju Bobby George... I stayed up late till 1 today morning to cheer you on at Athens and have absolutley no complaints... I thought you threw the kitchen sink at your opponents but tis unfortunate that the rest of the field was two notches better. Still matching your personal best is one heckuva achievement and the whole of India is proud of you for that..Btw, I think you are very, very pretty :-))) You remind me so muchhhh of someone I know :-)))

I have been cribbing a lot to anyone willing to lend me a ear about the crowds at ICICI's ATMs and how Citi's service sucks.. But after a visit to State Bank of Mysore today morning, I am not sure which is the lesser evil - Public sector banks full of sleepy, lethargic babus or smartly dressed, dumb women in upscale Private Sector Banks. Susie, why don't u folks open up here yaar :-(

Fida..Am yet to see this one but ever since the movie released the teasers on television have annoyingly revealed more and more of the story.. In fact, I think I can kinda second guess the twist in the climax a la' Abbas Mustan movies.. which brings us to Ajnabee, a movie I thoroughly enjoyed not only for Bebo but also for the circumstances under which I saw it..

Trime 1 - first quiz in QM - It was supposed to be a 1 hour online test between 3 and 4 pm on a Friday afternoon..3 questions of 10 marks each but 15 minutes into the test, I jes could not get anything going.. MS-Excel was giving me problems and I just could not understand the sums..Perseverance, in these kinda situations, is a wasted virtue so I jes threw my blank answer sheet at the supervisor and quit. Went straight to Chandan in Juhu, bought tickets for Ajnabee First Day Evening Show, downed a bottle and half of beer and spent an hour at the beach seriously asking myself if B-school had been the right move.

"The CAs would top the accounting papers, the Commerce grads in Eco, the well-groomed Delhi babes would rock in Comunication..So if engineers like me flopped in papers like QM, then I would have to join the poets at the bottom of the class.." After some serious philosophising (the beer had really sunk in by then) I think I decided "Acads ko goli maaro.. lemme chk out Bebo" And returned to have a ball at Chandan hooting and whistling and generally making a fool of myself...

And the better part was, I did all this ALONE while the rest of my class slogged away at Excel :-) And saving the best for the last, when the results came out, of course I got 0 but would you believe it, almost 40 odd people out of 66 got 0.. Yippeeeeeee... Atleast I didn't waste precious time.. And since that test till my last day, I have always placed a premium on my time and walked out when classes were boring or simply skipped them when they offered no value..

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Divya said...

hey jupe.... do not miss FIDA... ITS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! even if u have a fair idea abt it... go ahead and watch it.... its good , for reasons more than just a cute Shahid Kapoor:P