Monday, August 09, 2004

The Numbers Series - Part 1

10 of my all-time favorite romantic Tamil film numbers (whew.. that’s a lot of adjectives) Here they are in no particular order

  • Kadhal Rojave (Roja) - USP: Awesome SPB, sublime lyrics, the electronic flute
  • Anjali Anjali (Duet) - USP: Sax and sentimental lyrics
  • Kaadhalin Deepam (Thambikku Endha Ooru) - USP: Rajini, Madhavi and er.. Madhavi
  • Andhi Mazhai (Rajapaarvai) - USP: The violins, a song to be heard on a rainy afternoon
  • Enna Satham (Punnagai Mannan) - USP: SPB, the pauses and silences in between
  • Valai Osai (Sathya) - USP: Amalaaaaaaaaa...drooooool
  • Om Namaha (Idayathai Thirudathe) - USP: Janaki and hehe..the picturisation !
  • Pani Vizhum (Ninaivellam Nithya) - USP: Rich lyrics, listen to it as u jog in the morning
  • Pottu vaitha (Idayam) - USP: I have no clue but I love this number :-)
  • Sundari Kannaal (Thalapathi) - USP: SPB agai

9 women I'd love to date. Again in no particular order

  • Catherine Zeta Jones - a classical beauty if ever there was one
  • Priyanka Gandhi - there's something about this lassie - deserves much better than that bloke Wadhera.
  • Perizaad Zorabian - or is it the character she plays in Joggers Park. Whoever :-)
  • Benazir Bhutto - a woman of substance
  • Courtney Cox Arquette - Greek Goddess and I am specifically talking of her... chuck de ;-)
  • Kareena Kapoor - she's got some spunk and chutzpah and I love that in women
  • Meg Ryan - America's sweetheart and mine too. Hey Meg, you've got mail (from me)
  • Carrie Anne Moss - she's hotttttttttttttttttt ! Need i say more?
  • Sushmita Sen - one of the very few cases where brains and beauty overlap

Dare to dream, Jupie :-)

8 "Never-do-it-with-Jupie" things on YM

1. Buzz when in the middle of a conversation - If u don’t see anything from my side, it means I am thinking.

2. Use emoticons for no rhyme or reason - I jes don’t get most of 'em :-(

3. Reply with monosyllables like K, Aye, Na esp when I am in TOK mode.

4. Not say anything when I am in LISTEN mode. Silence sucks.

5. Reply to SUP with "the ceiling" - that’s my patented line :-)

6. Set status messages in alien languages

7. Say "You are soooo funny" or "Whoever is gonna marry you is a very lucky person" - more so if you happen to be a friend of the opposite sex (Why is it every gal except "the actual one" feels this way)

8. Change the Environment I have loaded to somethin' else - hurts my ego!!

Supplementary to 8 - 8a. Play chess and beat me at it.


Susie said...

"Whoever is gonna marry you is a very lucky person"

And this is an actual conversations???

Megha said...


In the nine women you'd love to date --- no Celina Jaitley?!? Did the hot pink bikini mean nothing to you! Tsk tsk. You Janasheen traitor you!

Jupe said...

I have saved YM conversations to prove my point.. Yikesssssss, did i jes say i SAVE my YM stuff.. U didnt hear that, ok :-(

Lets put it this way..When Janasheen happened, CJ was on top of the list.. and then Murder happened and Mallika was THE ONE - As u can see, i have very short attention spans :-D Who knows, next week i might even deny i ever felt this way abt ALL these 9 :-P