Sunday, August 08, 2004

Ramanand Janardhanan

I won my first open quiz for all school students when I was in my Std: 6. From then till now, quizzing has been one of my biggest passions. If it was Balls by Picasso at RECT, then it was the daily afty quiz at Infy-Chennai. Though we tried a lot to make Quizzine at SP a regular feature, the results were far from satisfactory. The quizzing circle at Wipro is pathetic to say the least and so these days I stay content watching THE CHALLENGE in CNBC on Saturday nights (where the SP team incidentally is screwing the corporate world - WTG Dipanjan) and reruns of MASTERMIND INDIA on Sundays in BBC. Which brings us to the reason for this post.

For those of you unaware of the MASTERMIND series, please look t up here. I am a big, big fan of the Mastermind series and gave it a shot in 2001 in Pune where I missed the prelims cut off by 1.5 points. Believe me it was bloody difficult and thank heavens I didn’t make it through since I would have surely been severely exposed. Since then I have watched as many episodes of Mastermind as was possible. I have been fortunate to see some wonderful quizzers be it Mohit P or Amalesh M from Infy and even that wonderful lady, Priyamvada who won Mastermind India 2000. But after seeing a repeat of Ramanand's winning Mastermind India 2003 finals performance today morning, I am beginning to feel very very inadequate. After scoring a massive 25 in his chosen subject of Stories of Tommy and Tuppence by Agatha Christie, he blew the opposition away with a stand-out performance in the GK round to score a cumulative 42 which fell short of Priyamvada's all time high of 43 by just one. I suspect he actually took it easy towards the end but that still does not take away absolutely anything from this masterful performance. And I am not yet done.. On googling for this guy, I came across his blog and my, he writes brilliantly. I had always considered myself unique in my own way - maybe Jack of a million trades - but after seeing Ramanand, I havta to be the joker of the pack. This guy is simply awesome. Check out his pet JaDe project. Btw, he is a Tam :-))

I think I have been in self deprecation mode for too long now. Ain't I de best ? Bye sweetoos !

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Ramanand said...

Well, omigosh!

I just trawled back here looking for a spot to leave my gratitude for the comments you left behind on my blog, but wasn't expecting this. Many dhanyavaads - it's not often that I get publicity that I don't have to pay for ;-)

So you took the test in Pune? Interesting. Were you working/studying here in 2001? We had an extremely active quizzing gang in Pune back then.

Since you won your 1st quiz in the 6th, you pretty well fared better than me. It's good you haven't met some of the people I've met who make me feel very self-deprecatory too :-) BTW, Amalesh (Mishra?) hasn't been on MMI yet, IIRC but was quite successful on UCQ last year.

>I suspect he actually took it easy towards the
Be not so kind - I just goofed up here and there!

Once again, thanks for your post. Please continue to visit my blog (and of my friends, while you are at it), and I hope to wade through your archives as well.