Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Guest Post - Susie

Well I have been told … “No more critic pedestal for you if you not giving me the same status” (that’s our beloved Jupie!) … this seriously got me wondering, “am I the writing type???”… aww shucks like I have a choice here. Next question that promptly props up … “what do I write about???” well here at least I have a choice … ‘about me’, no way Jupie will have a field day playing the critic – ‘school day’, yeah like anyone cares – how about ‘my kinetic honda’?, yieeee that sounds lame even to me – thanks to my Libran indecision I have been able to fill in so much already :-p

Ok .. I have decided … I shall contribute to Jupie’s ‘Those were the best days of my life’ series … this will be part II of TWTBOML. Part I talks abt his 2nd family at SP (Adcom), now I present to you his 1st family – Chennai Dadar Express(he talks so much abt this family, I guess I know all abt them). I base all this on the narration given by the ‘horse’ himself, so brickbats to Jupieee and bouquets to meee … here goes ;)

Originally uploaded by Jupieee.

(Squatting / Kneeling from left to right)

Jupie aka Ramki aka Horse – the small town Trichy guy who took the connecting train travel plan to get to Mumbai, I still wonder what/who the inspiration factor was??? :D

Kerry aka K. Ramakrishnan – the annathe of the gang … Jupie can go on abt him for hours (Kerry fan club president) … the horse tells me that Kerry would have to hold the Guinness records for his never ending list of friends … if you are from Chennai (Chen being ‘core’ competence – mantle & crust extensions no one has documented yet) this man knows you … “does he know me???” I wonder!

Soso aka Rajaraman – the story behind the name ‘soso’ is amazing … think abt this … u make a statement like “I love the sunrise” and soso says “So?”, u are slightly offended so you explain yourself, again soso says “So?”, so once again you add to your answer, by now you know what soso says next … at the end of it all Soso knows ur girl/boy friend’s name, your salary (if u have one), some other stuff u urself didn’t know abt urself … & now I learn that he was the sasTrigal at the hostel … So???

(Standing – first row, left to right – 1 guy and 3 gals)

Venki aka Ki bro aka Venkatesan – The ‘Crazy Mohan’ of the gang, has a ‘punch line’ for everything and everyone … Jupie keeps wondering if the guy actually rehearses his impromptu wit … the warning I got was “u don’t want to meet him if you can’t afford a stitch in your stomach”, well actually I could do with a few laughs so…

Smi aka Smitha – hmmm jupieee solidava??? … well Smi happens to be among very select group of ppl who have a certain effect on Jupie … ‘Cat got tongue syndrome’ … well let me clarify b4 jupe screams murder – Ramki is mega scared of Smi, according to him she has the razor sharpest tongue and believes it gets sharper if he is in the vicinity … but he also grudgingly acknowledges her super skills at quizzing, DumbC & CGP… no ramki u will have to meet me to kill me and I am not planning to do so in the near future! :D

RT aka Chitti Ponnu aka Arthi – She has got to be the most adorable of the lot, I mean the pic says it all – the only person Jupie has been consistent about, “Chitti ponnu is my favourite” – all she has to do is smile and say “will you…….?” And people just comply … what wouldn’t I do for that … ok ok I will add that to my ‘will never happen’ list :(

Viji aka Vijaya – I am intrigued by this one, Jupie hardly talk about her – not to worry, have managed a few good ones though – it seems she has a verse / quote for everything in life, be it a marketing presentation or Jupie misbehaving during the train journey. Another rumour from the horse is that there was a romance blooming between her and someone in the group – who was that I wonder???? Jupie bolo na…

(Standing – second row, left to right)

Andy aka Anand – the Madurai veeran – another small town boy, but Jupie insists that he is the original. Andy and Ramki are … well I have no words to describe this … they are quite a pair – in the same company, joined together, lived together before their respective families decided to move into town, even exchange a few customary ‘mwaahhs‘ over mail … how do I know that? Well got marked on a mail that wasn’t to be marked to me – simple!!!

Apu aka Aparna – Common link to Family II (Adcom) – Jupie says she is very creative, yeah I liked that T-shirt idea, had tried the same stunt when I was in college – maybe I should ask her for tips – what say Jupe, will she help me???

Otha aka Papa Bear aka Rohith – ‘Otha’, now that’s not a name you hear often (no, I am sure u wudn’t want to hear it at all), wonder what earned him that??!!?? Papa Bear, now that appeals a lot more – protective, cuddly … the gals must have loved him ;) …

Boss aka Rahul – Now here is a novelty, Boss is from Lucknow but found himself in Guntakal (thanks to dad’s railway job) and then as fate may have in company of Jupie and family on CDExp. Jupe vows that no one can belt out ‘rasaathi en usuru enudhille’ (thiruda thiruda) better that Boss … now here is a person u shud get to know, esp if u travel by 2nd class and he by 2nd AC :D

TRA aka T.R. Anand – Another link to Family II (Adcom), Lord Ranganathan from TVS – Thair Vada Sambar – how apt!!! Jupe chants ‘shree gurubhyo namaha’ if you just mention TRA, talk abt adoration at its highest level!!! Seemingly the guy rapped with Kotler and slept with Trout, well who doesn’t do it on campus … but on the train??!!??


Jupe said...

This is gonna be looong...

You've totally scandalised me..Wots this thing abt "misbehavior in the train journey" - after all those vadas and idlis I got down at stations and brought for you all, enakku idhu thevai dhaan :-(

The Mmwaaahs been quoted are totally out of context.. I thought Hobbes loved Calvin enough to do this.. Or is Susie gettin' J ? ROFLLLLLLLLLLLLL

And this connecting train funda - suthama puriyala..Hello, I've no skelatons in the closet unlike some ppl... for eg:

That gal Apu.. why is she smiling so much ? Was a tall, lanky junior taking the snap ? :D

Is that Smi n Venki i see standing next to each other? Must have been like those rare Iftar parties when Sonia and Vajpayee pose together :D

Ok, Viji.. U wanna know my opinion right ? Smart woman..Twas a pleasure doing DOCC with her. end of story. finally u got one thing bang on..She was the chamathest of the lot..Did she tell you abt our last trip bak ? We both were sitting at the door for an hour from 11:30 to almost half past midnight - from Lonavla to Pune..Wind blowing against us, the lighted valleys below, I was boring her with my stories of Pune :-)

:-(((((((( I wanna do CDExpress again.. Plssssssss

Susie said...


U get scandalised??? now that gives us a topic!!! summa scene podadhe, it won't take me much time to confirm these idli vada episodes, so chill mame!!!

You saw that as a streak of jealousy???...I was just stating fact, doing my job, cummon Hobbes get a life ... u r a stuffed tiger at the end of the day (no competition) ;P

You didn't give me any such details abt Aparna, so how was I supposed to write abt it???

U actually tortured 'chitti ponnu' with ur rambles abt Pune - gosh jupe u r samme 'dukhi aathma':P