Thursday, September 02, 2004

Its a mad world...

The craziest of romances happen purely by providence..And the worst part is that they are over even before they start..My damn shuttle was late today so had to take an alternate one..And then we got stuck at HSR in a chotu traffic jam.. Guess what happened next..Sleepy me was as usual dozing off at my window seat but TK who gets in at the same bus-stop and sits besides me chanced to see this beautiful angel (working in Siemens - usne ID dekh liya) standing in the sidewalks and nudged me awake.. And then dunno what possessed TK but the bugger kept staring at her for what felt like hours to me.. of course she soon got wise to this stranger who was openly ogling at her...But like all women, I could see she was enjoying the attention coz there was a smile curling up in the corner of her mouth and her eyes were definitely twinkling..Jes the way Twinkle does it *sigh* Maybe I am reading too much into all this (thanks to Why Men can't....) but she actually re-adjusted her lovely hair and that, my friends, is a clincher..Neway by this time I was feeling so awkward coz TK was leaning across me and it was plainly embarassing to see the girl also stealing glances towards him..I was never more relieved than when the bus finally started moving. Log pyaar mein pagal ho jaate hain - the buggers actually changed his bus pass :-)) Here's a song from him out to her.. wherever she is, if ever she reads this...

PS: TK, the only reason i'm doing this is coz the song is one of my favorite numbers...

sippi irukkudhu muththum irukkudhu thirandhu paarkka naeram illadi raajaaththi
sindhai irukkudhu sandham irukkudhu kavidhai paada naeram illadi raajaaththi

sandhangal neeyaanaal sangeedham naanaavaen

(sippi irukkudhu)

thanana thana...sirikkum sorggam...
thananana thanana thana...thangaththattu enakku mattum
thana thana thana...thaevai paavai paarvai
thanana thana...ninaikka vaiththu...
thananana thanana thana...nenjil ninru nerungi vandhu
thanana thananana thanana thanana thanana
mayakkam thandhadhu yaar thamizho amudho kaviyo

(sippi irukkudhu)

thanana thanana thana...mazhaiyum veyilum enna
thananana thanana thanana thana...unnaikkandaal malarum mullum enna
thanananana thanananana thana...hmmmmm
radhiyum naadum azhagilaadum kangal (shabhaash)
kavidhai ulagam kenjum unnaikkandaal kavinjar idhayam kenjum (Haai, mein mar gaya re)
koduththa sandhangalil en manadhai neeyariya naan uraiththaen

(sippi irukkudhu)

sippi irukkudhu muththumrukkudhu thirandhu paarkka naeram vandhadhu ippoadhu
sindhai irukkudhu sandham irukkudhu kavidhai paadik kalandhiruppadhu eppoadhu

(sippi irukkudhu)


Megha said...

Since I actually paid attention and read the story, I naturally have to ask :) ---

If *you* were sitting in a window seat why was TK leaning across you to make eyes at the girl?

Just a pointless comment. Listening to Bush's acceptance speech while browsing can do that to you, I guess.

Jupe said...

Mebbe it wasn't to look at her eyes.. Mebbe he wanted to get the name in the ID too - which was practically impossible considering the print was so fine (i tried) - mebbe he wanted to see what book she was holding in her hand (which was incidentally a boring .NET one)... a thousand other possibilities exist but the only thing i am sure is i was bloody embarassed :-)

Wotcha doing up so late? Don't tell me u r a Republican supporter :D Are there no maverick options like Ross Perot?