Friday, September 03, 2004


107 done.. 108th post(supposed to be a shubh no:)...Time for the last hurrah...All good things come to an end.. Likewise my blog.. Started off with full josh just like my innings at MS, made a lot of friends, had a ball writing crazy stuff, enjoyed reading the stinging comments... but somewhere along the line, got bored.. Also the realisation that expressing my personal thoughts was akin to giving you all a key to my mind kinda scared me… So its time to call it quits….Just a few special mentions..

Dank yoo
* Ekta for introducing me to the wonderful world of blogging
* Tom for being the only person to read all 108 posts of my blog :D
* Susie for running Tom close
* G for all the "constructive criticsm"
* Vasily for being the lone truly international regular – It’s a small world, after all :-)
* Sowmya/Raj for graciously accommodating me at your new abode

In case any of the other regulars took offence at not being mentioned, you know how much I hate those long and boring Oscar acceptance speeches. Ta ta…