Friday, October 29, 2004

Arbit Appaswamy reporting...

I've had lotsa posts with the title as "Random wotever" hence didn't wanna repeat that...So went to Thesaurus (I'm not vela - lets jes say i love the language) and found out a fancy synonym - arbitrary..Too big a arbit it is..and hence the title for this post :-)

Neha Dhupia says she doesn't mind conversing with people as long as its anything but US politics or trigonometry...Wow, finally found someone besides me who hates that subject as much... So shud i date her? Nuh.. I love US politics..In fact my dream job is to cover one Presidential elections from primaries till election day as a journo..Dammit..But when am i ever gonna find my soulmate...Slight correction...Hottttt soulmate :-)

Got a lovely forward yesterday from Tusku...How To Stay Young..Some of the tips were very practical..Some of them downright mushy..So curiosity took me to the net to find out the original source..Of course the climax was different there but i still prefer Tusku's... He ends it saying

Humpty Dumpty was PUSHED."

No wonder we get along fabulously. High Five da !!

I love working with peers who have a sense of humor. One of my colleagues Anuj had asked for some information and i had to forward one of my boss' mails to answer his query. On receiving the mail, Anuj tells me "Sibee highly regards you". I was perpelexed and asked him to explain himself. It seems Siby's mail had his usual autosignature "Regards, Siby" and above this he had typed out the message and added a Regards by mistake...The mail finally ended up looking


...and so i found out about the "high regards" my boss has for me :-)

In a major leap forward for mass customization, Christian DiBenedetto, the head of Adidas's intelligent products team, will oversee the first massproduced "smart shoe," simply called "1." It automatically adjusts to an individual's weight, speed, style, and running surface using a magnetic sensor in the heel that measures the cushioning. A microprocessor in the arch compares current feel to a predetermined comfort range. A tiny motor in the shoe regulates heel comfort. For now, serious runners are probably the only consumers dedicated (or crazy) enough to fork over 250 simoleons for computerized, customized sneaks. But if the price of the technology dips so that the shoe could sell in the magic $99 to $150 range, DiBenedetto and Adidas could be off and running.

These shoe giants have been talking about this for ages..Forget it! How about solving my problem. My left foot is a size 10 1/2 and my right foot is a 10. Any special shoes for me ?

Finally to F.R.I.E.N.D.S - I simply love this sitcom. I am sure there was no one sadder than me when they decided to call it quits. Of course towards the end, people say it was gettin' a little stale but i for one, dont quite agree.. I thought i had seen all of Season 9's episodes atleast 5 times each but yesterday night proved me wrong. There is this second episode in the Barbados part which i seem to have missed - when Ross actualLy delivers the key-note address and Rachel n Joey get that li'l thing between them started.. Absolutely awesome episode.. Had everything going for it..Rollicking one liners from Chandler, Joey's typical DUHness, Monica's competitive streak, Rachel and Ross' perpetual confusion regarding their relationships...Check out the extremely arresting ping pong match :-)

Lemme end with one quick quiz question:
The name of which movie, when translated means.... lying low for sometime and then suddenly surprising the enemy with a show of strength.

If you know the answer please post it in the comments section.

Have a great weekend !!!

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Venks said...

Crouching Tifer ...Hidden the right answer too...and if I was right send me a chocolate..:)

did u landmark the quiz??