Wednesday, October 13, 2004

From the pen of Pleiades - A Winning Loss

There are times when failure
isn't all that bad
times when you've lost
yet you aren't sad.

The sight of a river
rushing down the hills
lit under the moonlit sky
your heart with joy it fills.

Its end is to melt into the ocean
unfathomably vast
lose itself in it
yet find itself at last.

The drop of dew on the rose
knows it's fate
when it kisses the flower
before it fades

soaked up inside the petal
a part of it now
dissipating into the rose
yet finding itself somehow.


Anonymous said...

Will atleast "Call Collect" work :(

Jupe said...

Kya karoon aisa hi hoon main.. I hate phones baba...Will make it up with Cornetto ;-)

Anonymous said...

Simple yet touching :)