Monday, October 11, 2004

More Poetry :-p

Long hard-working nights have this effect on me...I end up chatting on YM and doing crazy things...Today it is poetry..or atleast it is an attempt to come close to it..Was discussing sports and somehow the conversation veered around to tennis and Wimbledon and then i let my fingers type...No hate mail please.

There was a time
When Rule he did
Crowds packed in
Payin bags of quid

All those years
Have come and gone
Yet what remains
Is one job not done

Sweaty palms
All horribly wet
Tired eyes
Stare down the net

Up she went Skyward Ho
As prayers lit in every face
Down she came kissing the chalk
A moment's hush twas an ace

Rapturous applause
The Umpire's call
Two sets apiece
Fourteen All.


Anonymous said...

Click here to p-u-k-e

Anonymous said...

Shocking, Positively Shocking !! This is poetry ?
I dun know you Jupes !!

Jupe said...

I guess i owe you guys an apology.
Sorry :-)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Tiger Tim ?

Anonymous said...

Hey Ramki,
good to see u back! chumma vandhu patha, pleasant surprise!

though, your blogs more like looks mushy. ennada matter?? somebody update me.. me a long lost friend of this guy.

btw, the snap on your first post, looks like Hari? aadi poyitaen! who's that?