Sunday, October 31, 2004

Here's more proof.....

...that the earth is round. You get a nice forward and like a sincere netizen religiously forward it to the "near and dear ones"..and then you make the cardinal mistake of assuming you have heard the last of it..Ahem ! What happens ? It comes back to you a few months later..And by this time a few questions have been deleted, some mischiveous ones added and the sender insists that if you don't respond, it means you don't care about them.. Emotional Blackmail.. How i hate it..I shall not fall for it..Oh wot the hell.. Lemme do it neways..But this time I shall take care to see to it I don't need to do it yet again..Tis a warm Sunday afternoon and here are the answers as on 31:10:04 :: 14:42

Last Cigarette: Sometime in Dec 2003
Last Alcoholic Drink: The day before India bt Pakistan in WC'04 - Hmmm... dat would be Feb 28, 2004 ?? Thanks TRAttu for the treat !
Last Car Ride: Sejin dropping me bak after Mark skool in his Zen...Looong time bak...
Last Good Cry: hasn't happened in the last month or so...
Last Library Book: TIME Asia
Last Book Bought: Tuesdays with Morrie and The Five People You Meet in Heaven
Last Book Read: Dan Brown's Angels & Demons
Last Movie Seen In Theatres: The Bourne Supremacy.. shucks, its been long.. thanks for reminding !!
Last Movie Rented: Wicker Park
Last Cuss Word Uttered: I dont swear, u *&*^%1 :-p
Last Beverage Drank: Kaapi...Bru Kaapi
Last Food Consumed: Good thakali rasam with Beans poriyal and vadam :-)
Last Crush: Deepti something...Haven't managed to get her full name yet...
Last Phone Call: to Air Sahara
Last TV Show Watched: Football Focus
Last Time Showered: 09:30 today
Last Shoes Worn: Nike
Last CD Played: Love Story Instrumental..NO NO...I am not lending it...
Last Item Bought: Coconut for mom (My god it costs Rs 9..there used to be a time when i bought it at Worayur market for Rs 5)
Last Annoyance: when i started to write this one..
Last Soda Drank: don't remember
Last Thing Written: The Miracle
Last Key Used: Navtal 6 levers.. Very strong key that one...
Last Words Spoken: lou u da
Last Ice Cream Eaten: Butter Scotch
Last Webpage Visited:


Anonymous said...

Wicker Park is inspired by L'Appartement. Jg tells me the orig is a classier act.


Anonymous said...

Add one more line "Last i mailed to gojas"


Anonymous said...

You've gone publik?? Shame on you!!
You are pardoned if i see the answers to the last 2 questions by noon!!

Anonymous said...

Bush or Kerry ?

Jupe said...

The psephologist in me says its too close to call... But my gut feel tells me Bush will scrape through...I am even prepared to stick my neck out and say it so...