Friday, December 03, 2004


My song... or rather ..our song.. and "the lines" that say it best

* sigh *

Oh once in your life you find someone
Who will turn your world around
Bring you up when you're feeling down
Yeah nothing can change what you mean to me
There's a lot that I could say but just hold me now
Cause our love will light the way

And baby you're all that I want
When you're lying here in my arms
I'm finding it hard to believe
We're in Heaven

And love is all that I need
And I found it there in your heart
It isn't too hard to see
We're in Heaven

I've been waiting for so long
For something to arrive
For love to come along

Now our dreams are coming true
Through the good times and the bad
I'll be standing there by you


Anonymous said...


Perseverance pays !! (or so it seems now)
Keep pegging away and there is a good chance we might both come out trumps. I'm beginning to have faith in "Our song" .


Jupe said...

Roflllllll...YOu fell for it, didnt u :-)
Man, how much u've changed from the no-nonsense version 1.01 I knew jes a couple of years bak to this sentimental version 1.12....Neway nice to hear u r making progress..Seekirum kalyaana saapadu podu maams ;-)

ps: I heard Jayant has quit again - 3rd time in last 7-8 months, right ? In case you know more details fill me in !!

Venks said...

Mama, Bro, and all else tht u are
If u called tht a Poem, then Shelley was a potter and Wordsworth a cobbler.

If those were verses, the bible was a paperback novel and the Gita was a comic,

if that was litreture, the Vedas were Pop and Michael Jackson was a sastrigal,

in any case we are still bro's , I think if u write poems they will be called Worse's,

But it did convey that deep feeling of (Desperation) and that longing desire( Frustration) within u....

Anonymous said...

I thought that was a BA song reproduced. But the comment above was 'intereting'.

Jupe said...

As J pointed out, this is a BA song...Ivvaluv ariyaamaya? Tch tch...