Monday, December 06, 2004

Oh Damn - OR - The Story of my ankles

I know thats such a stupid title for a post but can't seem to help it.. Its not that I'm in a foul mood or something ..I am simply tired..My bones ache.. My feet hurt.. Even my fingers refuse to obey my orders...My whole body is in rebel mode..But I so desperately wanna finish this off before Monday blues sets in and work starts piling up :(

Saturday morning 7 am:
Wake up early to do a few push ups and pull ups..Mom can't believe the sight in front of her eyes but is silently relieved that her son is finally doing something on the weight-loss front..Of course she's got it wrong...I am trim and fit and don't need the regular exercise.. My 5 minute warm up session is for the cricket match I am to play in another half an hour..

Saturday morning 11:33 am:
Damn... Damn...We didn't lose, we were mauled..47 runs is an obscene margin of defeat in a 16 over match...Of course I think i gave a fair account of myself.. Top scored with 23 runs in 16 balls, took two catches and was +3 on the field...But why was i puffing and panting for even the second run ? I do hope my ankles are not seriously hurt...Ouchieee.. My left hand aalkatti viral is so swollen....Must also remember never again to play team sports...or maybe play only for winning teams ;-)

Saturday evening 4:55 pm:
FF wanted to go house hunting and since I've been thinking of investing in a house myself, thought I'd accompany her to get a feel of the real estate market in Bangalore. There were some really nice 2BHKs for sale @ Raheja and Prestige but I personally felt the broker was quoting too high .. 33-35 lacs is way beyond my budget though the fully furnished Prestige house seemed really fancy. After wasting a good part of an half and a half, my ankles couldn't take it anymore and we settled down to have kaapi at CCD. I lapped in all the TLC that came my way and FF was so concerned that she even got me a big box of Ferrero Rocher chocs ;-) I am feeling so guilty now...

Sunday morning 1:20 am
Jes back from the B'day party.. Whew....I am sure i have done serious damage to my ankles..Could not get a damn rick from Sony World and had to walk down a good 2 kms to home.. At this unearthly hour in the freezing cold..The party itself was okie dokie - Chinu was rockin', my bro was unintentionally funny especially in his attempts to impress the hottttttttttt Shumana (she laffs so much like Janice in F.R.I.E.N.D.S) and I was peacefully sipping away at the Mountain Dew listening to Luke's slot on MTV. More on the party elsewhere.

Sunday morning 10 am
Family says I am never at home. My school mates opine that I've been ignoring them for centuries. My UG pals have given up on me. My SP buddies accuse me of aloofness. The "women-in-my-life" accuse me of not spending quality time with them. Surely they all can't be right... Or are they ? If so, what do i do during weekends ? Determined to prove alteast some of them wrong, I decide to call up a long-forgotten pal and cajole him into a movie..After 10 minutes of heated phone conversation where i go on and on about why we should see Manmadhan at PVR, he tells me he's leaving for Sabarimala next week and he is a "saamy".. Wrong timing - the story of my life.

Sunday morning 12 noon
Vladimir Putin is in Bangalore and the traffic in the roads is chaotic. I wait outside PVR for my bro. How nice of him to give up an Australia vs New Zealand match on TV to be with me and watch an English movie...We reach Symphony 5 minutes late, pick up tickets to see Vanity Fair and enter the hall to see a total of 30 ppl inside..I thought it was a pretty decent movie considering i didn't particularly like Monsoon Wedding. British stories always hold a special place in my heart and though purists claim the movie is a let down compared to Thackeray's original novel, I am quite inclined to overlook this criticism... Special mention must be made of Jonathan Rhys-Meyers who looks dashing as the callow George Osborne, the delightful Eileen Atkins playing the tongue-in-cheek Aunt Matilda and of course my favorite Rhy Ifans as the man-in-waiting Captain Dobbins. (Bro, remember he GOT the gal in the end..whihc makes the wait well worth it)

Sunday evening 6:16 pm:
A delectable movie, some casual book shopping, a really serious discussion over Cold Sparkle and Paneer Samosa on how not to "wither away" in life, a nice bike ride....A magical evening to sum up except for that recurring pain in my ankles.. Bro, we should do this more often...

Sunday evening 6:46 pm
Beep Beep.. SMS says "Popcorn + Sweets from Mishti + Nice CD + Sweet friend -> Rush home"...Women and the way they message... sigh....

Sunday evening 9:16 pm
STOP ! Now, why on earth did this movie not run ? I am not even sure if it had promos running on TV pre-release...Nice and simple story about 4 friends who are housemates and the problems in their life and how they bail each other out during times of crisis.. My kinda theme..Okie, mebbe it didn't have a huge star cast, mebbe the music was purely functional but what definitely worked was the honesty in the story telling..The situations were very identifiable, the bonding between the lead players seemed so natural.. goddamnit.. I loved this movie...And of course that cameo by India's finest actor Om Puri.. To be or not to be is the question...

Sunday evening 9:46 pm
"Ma, i am back"
"I am so tired.. My ankles hurt..."
"Ufffffffff... not again"

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