Friday, December 24, 2004

JLT - 2

Treat time:

:-))) Just did it.
Cold coffee on a comfortable sofa and 15 minutes (though it felt like jes 3 mts) of idle banter. Don't ask how, jes take my word for it. Time for some loudmouths to pay. For starters, reimburse the bill and you can also add a movie at Sathyam and the popcorn with it. Its party time ma'am.

Travel Time:

Andy's off to Goa today evening. PC is celebrating her 1st anniversary holidaying in the North East. Anton has gone home for Christmas and New Year. Boss is on a 2 week vacation to his hometown near Kannur or somewhere in Kerala. Mithun and Divs (below in this photo) are having a real ball - the porukki has come home all the way from Ohio to be with his family (and I-know-whu) and Divs is backpacking to the Grand Canyon, New York, Disneyland and what-not.

Divs and Mithun maaps

For the first time, I feel alone.. even lonely :-( Thinking of it, I jes realise that I haven't had one loooong vacation after SP ended and I joined here. Of course there was that terribly-planned-and-thankfully-aborted plan to go to Kerala in November but other than that nothing, absolutely nothing, has happened. Even my trekking gang has become totally inactive. Am counting on the Delhi-Rajasthan-UP trip near Pranav's wedding to make up for these 2 yrs of abject boredom. Of course, Rags and I are still on for Malaysian GP...Fingers crossed :-))

Jingle Jingle - Wedding Bells are around the corner:

We were 4 of us who went through almost all the 14 years together - Velakku, Dhadiyan, Naay and Thair.. Though we were bloody close at one point of time, the years and distance have come between us quite a bit and its almost been 5 years now since we last met up at Besant Nagar beach for that photo session. However we continue to be updated on what's happening in each other's lives and as I type this, Naay aka Thomas is getting engaged. Surprise of all surprises, its a love match and the gal's a Palghat Brahmin..Arre Thomachaan, tu vaaki chuppa rustom nikla bey :-)

Neway dude, Congrats on getting engaged and best wishes for a long and happy married life :-)

Theory for the day:

I finally accept I am not exactly NORMAL. (Do I see the multitude standing on its feet and clapping ?) Got a zany link this morning (again dunno why they send it to me specifically) and thought maybe there was something in it for me. It was a post on someone's blog which had a very alluring header screaming for attention - and obviously on a topic that is very close to a lot of people's hearts. Quite predictably, I wasn't the least interested so as usual I focused my energies on following other links in the page (I do it all the time - read everything but what I'm meant to - are there others like me?)

The links/stories on the sidelines are a little bold/explicit so conservatives and prudes stay off. I'd personally recommend the 10 Commandments of Simon. Coming to the actual article itself, much as I appreciate Miller's systematic and logical approach towards the solution, I differ strongly on his viewpoint on 'morality'. Obviously the bugger has not heard of my famous "Goalkeeper theory"...which by the way is the rage at IIMA thanks to 1across shamelessly propounding it as his own. You can have all the fame but atleast acknowledge my contribution bugger... Grrrrr....

As a parting shot towards Miller and the scores of people out there who are like him, here's a friendly tip from a member who just graduated out of this club. The easiest way out of your predicament is to go easy on Rule no: 1. ;-)

Now that I have hyped this link pretty well, here it is


Anonymous said...

De kats outta de bag atlast !!!
Yoo finally ownd up :)

Jupe said...

W-T-H ? Why no tok of the lost bet ?
LOSER LOSER LOSER ! Ps: The cat was never in the bag :-)

Anonymous said...

Hypocrisy of the higest order. A few months back the GK theory was not applicable to you and now you recommend it to all and sundry. In fact, your first reaction was 'self-preservation'

Shame on you Jupes.
Fight da fight. She is worth it.