Thursday, December 23, 2004


Attitude for the day: (Courtesy: Satya)
"Sir, I am sorry to say but we're surrounded!"
"Excellent. Now we can attack in any direction!"

Point to ponder: (Courtesy: Ram)
I think everyone is stupid. That's it. Doesn't matter who you are. You are all products of some place or time believing in some more stupid crap. Let me tell you a small sentimental anecdote from my class:

"There are three ways how a kid is taught to open the door. In one case the Mother puts the kid up on her shoulder and teaches it open the door by holding its hands. The kid learns to respect guidance.
In another case, she puts the kid on her shoulder and asks it to open the door by itself and with a few trials it learns to open it. The kid becomes self confident.
In another case, she just ignores the kid who figures out how to open the door by himself. The kid learns discovery"

What you should understand is when "you make a toy" you find out what kind of Mothers are in the country for Profit.

Smile please: (Courtesy The best jokes from Readers Digest)
Men who treat women as helpless and charming playthings deserve women who treat men as delightful and generous bank accounts.

Viewpoint corner: (Courtesy: Me and Me only)
...So Avnish Bajaj got arrested. Whats the big deal ? Does NRN need to have an opinion on anything and everything under the sun ? Grrrr.. Okie, I am probably the man's biggest baiter but it was nice knowing on the bus journey to office today that Andy also feels the same way. Somewhere along the line, I think the media has made a demigod of this "simple man". Infy sure has some really efficient spin doctors. I have digressed. The point I actually wanted to make was that this whole MMS scandal has only reinforced my strong opinion that camera phones are a pain. So I think I shall start to float a petition to ban them. Wotsay publik ? Do I have your support ?

Keeping track of "THE STATISTIC":
Its into double digits now..Yippeeee :-)

Just another crib:
(Song from the movie WOH humming in the background)

Uparwale yeh kya hua
Mere siva tu sab ka hua....

Dear God,
The crossword was loads of fun and I am really glad you helped us get into the finals...But couldn't you have been a little extra kind and also got that godddamnnnnnn cute kid and her team mate also through..Okie, maybe you were busy then but you could have surely made up for that by helping me get through the quiz also..Atleast then there would have been some hope of getting to know her better (she's the Quizmaster who asked those silly Qs I mentioned in that previous post.....wait.. does that have to be Quizmistress? Someone helppppp) Neway the results of the quiz have left me really down - the last team that qualified got 18.5 and we got 18. We really seemed to have missed the bus by that proverbial whisker.. and I blame it all on this goddamn MBA degree. There were atleast 2 questions where we could have got that elusive 0.5 pts.

1. Name the inventors of the microprocessor ? I had this gut feeling that the bugger Moore had to be involved but then did not trust my instinct and relied more on logic. Wanting to be risk averse, filled the answer as "founders of Intel" :-p

2. According to NBA rules, which is the only part of an NBA players attire where he can sport a commercial logo? I thought this was a sitter and wrote sneakers. Then my paranoid partner started getting "vibes" that it was a trick question and forced me to change it to headband. No prizes for guessing the right answer. Why can't we MBA let things remain uncomplicated ? :O

As if all that were not bad enough, did I have to know that she is a Priya N Iyer :-p

C'mon, its the Christmas season and I've been a god boy this year (a la Calvin) - do something for me, you bugger. *sigh*

Socha bhala na kabhi mera
Aisa kya bigaada maine tera :-(


Anonymous said...

Refuse to believe this.
Are there no limits to your uncanny sense of humour ?

Anonymous said...

All the best buddy :)

Anonymous said...

BBYoo despikable wretch, y wont yoo juz let her be !!!
Paavom pa aval :(

RiPay no heed 2 his wondrous storys. Dats his way f seekin attenshun.

New Year plans ???

Jupe said...


Enna saabum udriya ? C'mon, quit playing Big Sister :-p You can check with neone here..I am not lying..There is a someone like that and I did hear 20 violins in the background everytime she came near me yesterday :-p (ok ok dat was inspired by MHN) Did I forget to mention that this kid didnt look a day over 19.. roflllllll...

New year..Now that is one sad story..Not many options

A. Folks are going home so maybe tag along with them. But Trichy with South Indian maamis and Mainguard gate as its chief attractions does not sound very exciting.

B. Maybe sit at home in Bangalore and watch Die Another Day in HBO :-p

C. God's own city - Chennai - and stay back to watch Lee on Monday at Nungambakkam, hopefully the schedule has him playing on Day 1...

Anonymous said...

Were you born mean or did you develop it along the way knowing you would meet me ?

Anonymous said...

Nosey Parker, dat NY thingy wos not fer yoo !!! Whu vonds yoo heer ??? On 2nd thots, do yoo know Leander vel enuf 2 git me introdced ???

Jupe said...


Ooopsie...Dint realise u'd take so much offence baba.... Ri, I am S-O-R-R-Y....and its all because of ur dumb didi...Grrrrrrrrrr....

Anonymous said...

(Howlin' wid lafftur)
V loov it ven yoo squirm Bingy :)

V did it !!!
HI FI !!!

Jupe said...

I'm definitely NOT amused. Even the witches in Macbeth weren't as vile as you two.

Jes sent Lee a mail but you can kiss your hopes of meeting him goodbye. Goodwill, it is such a tangible thing :-)

Anonymous said...


I hope that list excludes my camera-fone ;)
Sis gave me this link. Nice blog :)


Jupe said...

Oooh la la.. Who do we have here ?
Ruchira... Wot a 'beautiful' name ? Wot does it mean ;-)

ps: Isn't it well past midnight there ? Kiddo jes gave u the comp ?

Anonymous said...

Jupieee will stop this or i will tell all to Deepu ;)
Heck, y trouble him when i can prolly slap your face myself :D

Quill said...


Loved the blog on ur granp's...

Keep it goiing dude!