Tuesday, February 22, 2005

17, Sri Krishna Apartments


"What's the problem deee ?"
"Huh ??"
"Is everything fine ? Are you OK ?"
"How did you know it was me ?"
"Chuck it"
"You have caller id installed on your landline ?"
"Then ?"
"Isn't this a strange conversation to have at...wait.. lemme chk the time...12:40 in the night ?"
"I need to know"
"If you insist...Not a lot of people have this number, very few of which would call at this uneartly hour and only one would let it ring 4 times and still persist..."
"Oh, that way huh ?"
"Yes.. now will you please tell me what's bothering you ?"
"Nothing. I just called to check if you had left for Chennai"
"No kidding. I called ya today afternoon and left behind a message saying my trip is cancelled. Both of us know that. Tell me the real reason sweetheart."
"Well.. Hmmm"
"Go on. I am awake and listening"
"I want you back"
"Come again"
"I want you back. Please come back"
"Hmmm.. Maybe we should talk about this tomorrow morning"
"I am not drunk dammit. I am perfectly sober. Haven't had a drop of liquor in 6 weeks"
"You don't believe anything I say, do you ?"
"Not always but..."
"OK fine. If you want me to crawl and creep, so be it. I know I said some mean stuff 2 months back...."
"Make that REALLY mean..."
"Whatever...but with time, I've come to realise that I was wrong. Maybe I overreacted - I am sorry"
"Am I dreaming this up or are you really doing this thing ?"
"Don't push your luck too much mister"
"Yeah.. Yeah.. Why don't you just finish what you just started..."
"OK...Absence does make the heart grow fonder leaving one to remember and even miss those little eccentricities - I now appreciate those small random acts of kindness that I'd been blind to all along..."
"Enough..I don't think you need to make so much of an effort"
"Please.. Let me finish it..."
"But why now ? Does this have anything to do with Mr Perfect ?"
"Oh let's not get into that..."
"But I thought I heard you say sometime back that you two were perfect for each other..."
"Don't rub it in please.. He was such a jerk..."
"And when did you realise this ?"
"The first damn week of us together"
"And it took you so much time to come down to this ?"
"Pride...I could not get myself to admit that I had been wrong"
"Attagal !"
"So does this mean we are back together ?"
"Aren't we forgetting something ?"
"Those stupid conditions ?"
"Hahaha.. They sure aren't stupid from my POV - Need I remind you ?"
"Damn.. Let's get it over with"
"ESPN STAR on Saturday evening ?"
"I cook on only 2 days"
"But I thought it was 4 and 3..."
"Sorry. New terms and conditions"
"You bully !! Accepted...But can I have a condition of my own ?"
"Depends.. what's in your mind ?"
"Preeti and those stories ?"
"Hahaha...I hate her as much as you do.. that was just to bug ya ;-)"
"Thank God. Then do we have a deal ?"
"Yes, my fair lady"
"So are we gonna be flatmates again, Mr Tribbiani ?"
"Of course, Ms Green"


Anonymous said...

You could have called it Much Ado About Nothing

~MN said...

Jupes, the foot massage thing was absolute rofl stuff. Does this mean you've just 'celebrated' your last Valentines as a single ? *giggle* Can't wait for June to come, assuming you'll regale us with the sojji-bajji-ponnu stories :-)

Anonymous said...

I thought this was a dig at vijay tv's krishna cottage.. adn how hopelessly they are trying to imitate the friends sitcom.. no?

Man with no Name