Saturday, April 30, 2005

Chilling out on a Saturday afternoon.....

The best thing about being a very accomodating employee who seldom complains (to the boss atleast) is that when you finally crib, people really listen to you. I've had more than my fair share of trouble with my old ThinkPad starting from a HDD that crashed twice a quarter, a worn away external PCMCIA card and a battery whose charge never lasted more than 30 mts and so when I finally wrote my most diplomatic mail to the boss, he read between the lines and immedietly agreed to get me a new laptop. The only rider was that it had to be of 'reasonable cost suiting requirements'. Our online e-procurement tool gave me 6 options of which one was way too costly, two of which were too cheap to suit my tastes and one which didn't have wireless lan. So finally boiled down to yet another ThinkPad T42 and a Dell D610. Now some of my peers have a ThinkPad simply because it is sound and sturdy and has awesome battery life but most of the big bosses have a Dell D600 which looks so bloody sleek and is lightweight that when I checked out the features and specs of the D610, I knew this was exactly what I wanted. Can't wait to get my fingers on the baby...

On the business front, there has been a lot of news in the last couple of months that has caught my eye be it the recent flurry of investment activity in Sasken, the Adobe Macromedia deal or the rumor thats been floating since January that Siemen's mobile unit may be up for sale but the most interesting article I read recently was one on my favorite company Google.

Bill Gates is on a mission to build a Google killer. What got him so riled? The darling of search is moving into software--and that's Microsoft's turf.


Microsoft was already months into A massive project aimed at taking down Google when the truth began to dawn on Bill Gates. It was December 2003. He was poking around on the Google company website and came across a help-wanted page with descriptions of all the open jobs at Google. Why, he wondered, were the qualifications for so many of them identical to Microsoft job specs? Google was a web search business, yet here on the screen were postings for engineers with backgrounds that had nothing to do with search and everything to do with Microsoft's core business—people trained in things like operating-system design, compiler optimization, and distributed-systems architecture. Gates wondered whether Microsoft might be facing much more than a war in search. An e-mail he sent to a handful of execs that day said, in effect, "We have to watch these guys. It looks like they are building something to compete with us."

To read more, check here

Okie, that's enough serious stuff for one post. Wanna take some time off to make a wish list ? You never know when God is listening, right ? So here is a site that lets you make a list of the 43 things that you want to do in/with your life. Go ahead and have a ball and yeah, here is my list ;-)

....and here are some movie recommendations that have been long overdue

Mumbai Express (Tamil) - 2.5/5
Chandramukhi - 5/5
Sin City - 3/5
The Upside of Anger - 3/5
Miss Congeniality 2 - 1.5/5
My brother Nikhil - 4/5

Coming soon:
Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi


Anonymous said...

5/5 for Chandramukhi ? u shud watch "Manichitrathazhu" the mellu original { u mite be able 2 pick it up at ur local vcd place} ,the problem with us mellus is that we are so spoilt by our superior directors like Fazil and versatile actors like Lal that it is tough to fully appreciate ordinary performances!! Puhhlease Jyothika looks an absolute caricature of the role near perfectly portrayed on screen by Shobana {but then that dame is a dansuese and a comparison isnt fair}.No comments on Rajni since u feel so strongly about him !!!And Y did this vasu chap have to do a Ctrl X ,Ctrl V from some of the other mellu movies like Aaram Thampuran as well ;he shudve restricted himself to copying one film at a time!!


Anonymous said...

Dude, who is comapring Manichitrathaazhu and Chandramukhi here... Of course the former is a masterpiece, the latter is a Rajini film.. But wth, a Rajini film is a festival for us Tamilians and jes to give u perspective, I'd give even BABA 4/5 ;-)

As far as Jo goes, I second u, she was pathetic...Mithun, are u listening :-p

- Jupe

Anonymous said...

43 wishes and Kareena does not get a mention anywhere. See, I told you, she is just another passng crush ;)

Anonymous said...

Nice wish list. Hope some of them come true.

Why nothing yet on Chelsea's historic win ? ;-)

- Johnny

Jupe said...


Hahahahaha...The whole problem is with that Shahid Kapoor machaan....and u know me..I don't believe in laying the foundations of one relationship by breaking another...purely bebo's loss.. wotsay ;-)


Unnoda commenting styley thani da maama...Thanks for the wishes.. but as u might have observed, adhula 5 kooda nadakra maadhiri theriyala.. mebbe thats why they are there in first place..

%$#@, Sud kitta pesinaya ? HITCH la semma regalai aaiduchu.. baadunga bumps kuduthaanga theatrela :-(