Monday, April 11, 2005

Forget Love, spare some time for this movie

What happens when our dashing, manly hero - the son of the Indian ambassador in Russia - meets a sweet yet naive schoolgirl who's immediate concern is to pass the impending Geography Exam... Hormones are on fire, sparks fly, parents oppose, chemistry leads to biology, religion and an evil uncle add to the confusion, an elopement happens followed by some rona dhona and the final get-together ? Nopes..All this is typical of the B grade Bollywood stuff churned out by down-on-their-luck producers but when it is a home production of the hero and backed by a prestigious music company, then what you get is
exotic locales, candy floss romance, eye popping visuals, mellifluous music, oh-so-cute scenes and a all-is-well-that-ends-well climax. Story ? Who cares ? ...and if you are still wondering if that is enough to pull audiences in, then just attach a tagline to the movie name and make it sound so mysterious and alluring...Lucky: No time for Love....Hullo ??

So why should you be seeing LUCKY

* Arre yaar, aren't you sick and tired of New Zealand and Switzerland ? Lush green fields, flowers, snow clad peaks.....Trust me, Russia looks fresh...icy blue lakes, falling snow, palaces, few Caucasian chicks...

* For a duo whose earlier claim to fame was directing Not-to-be-seen-with-family remix videos, Radhika Rao and Vinay Sapru do a fine job with their first attempt on celluloid. Though the screenplay could have been tighter in the second half, the duo show a flair for humour and romance not seen offlate in new directors. For me, the scene where Sallu asks Sneha about her boyfriend has to go down as one of the best I've seen in recent times (Yeah, hang me)

* After HDDCS, Sallu is back in top form playing yet another breezy, romantic role...He reminds me so much of that Tamil hero Karthik...Extremely under-rated !! If you loved those monologues Sallu has with his dead father in HDDCS, you'll love his incessant chatter with Peter, the statue in Moscow's cemetery...and those 2 reels starting from the escapade near the checkpost to that first night spent together in the Volkswagen are absolutely delightful..These are scenes when you cannot but marvel at Sallu's non-chalant sense of humor and timing in comedy.

* Sneha Ullal might appear to be a carbon copy of that beautiful mannequin Ms Rai but there is no denying the fact that the lassie can emote. LUCKilY for her, she gets to play a role that is easily as close as it will ever get to being herself. Secondly, realising the pitfalls of delivering an over the top performance (especially when you are portaying a gawky teenager) Sneha displays commendable restraint in more than a few sequences. Mark my words, this gal will go places. And hey, we don't even have to put up with stupid giggling and that absolutely dumb look a la Ms Plastic. Btw, Snehal Ullal is absolutely drooolable...Made me wish I were 21...sigh.....Of course, even a jenny looks like a Goddess @ 18 but...;-)

* The music by Adnaan Sami easily fits into the mood of the movie though the placement of the songs, especially in the second half, leaves a lot to be desired. All the songs are well picturised though my personal favorites are 'Shayad yehi tho pyaar hai' and 'Jaan Meri Jaa'. We paid a princely sum of Rs 150 for 3 balcony tickets and got our money's worth in the first fifteen minutes itself...And needless to say, everyone who was sitting in our hall was up on his feet jiving to....

hai rama rama ho
hai ho rama
dil main macha hai kyon
koi hungama
aayega koi
bahoan main leke
chumega mere
yeh lucky lips

(and that cute hand rotating routine...giggle...)

Absolutely rollicking track !! Zimbly loved it in the movie !!

Of course there are quite a few reasons why the movie is not-so-perfect especially with the script going haywire in the second half and Mithun-da's highly forgettable performance but as Kamal says in Pammal K Sambandam, sometimes you should not 'dissect', you must just sit back and ensoiiii !!!

ps: In Case I forgot to mention, Sallu does NOT take off his tee / shirt in this 16 reel flick...Now isn't that something ?

Dear God,

Can we have a week without Mondays ? Plssss ?



Anonymous said...

But i absofreekinglutely love mondays

Anonymous said...

hells bells boy. hasnt this charade gone for too long? quit before I kill ya ok :)

Man with no Name said...

Can't believe U're coazing ppl to watch a love flick, that too from B'wood! I thought U were taking a poke at Russia and all, but U're meaning it! Hell!!! I'd rather watch MM for the 97th time!!!