Friday, April 08, 2005

More Movie Magic


Everytime I watch a QT movie, the three things that come to my attention as strokes of sheer genius are
a. the immense amount of cross referencing sometimes to his own works
b. the sheer recklessness employed in the story telling
c. mad cap humour

Had an hour to spare yesterday evening and thought I would catch up a little with Kill Bill Vol 1...and here are a few more ovbservations...

# 1
Vernita Green does not like her codename Copperhead, the same way as Mr.Pink in Reservoir Dogs.


# 2
Even though The Bride's name is bleeped out in Vol 1, if you concentrate hard enough, you can actually get her name when she asks for a flight ticket from El Paso to Okinawa..The attendant at the counter passes her a ticket in which her name is written.

Pulp Fiction, for all the criticism that it was gory and violent, had only 7 or 8 deaths. Kill Bill 1 has atleast 75 including a minimum of 50 in the restaurant showdown.


No other film maker but QT would have dared to shoot something like that "Wiggle your big toe" scene and spend a good part of a minute and a half focusing on a not-so-interesting part of The Bride's anatomy...

Bow my head to Thee, My Lord !!

Btw, if Time permits and you are a PF fan, take this quiz here to find out which character you are :-)

I am Marcellus Wallace and my name alone strikes fear into others

*roars aloud*

Other movie recommends:
Socha Na Tha - 3/5
Hotel Rwanda - 6/5 (yeah)
Hostage - 2.5/5
Be Cool - 3/5 *
* revised rating since the print I saw in the theatres had 15 mts of extra footage which my thiruttu VCD didn't have...

Dear God,

A detailed 500 word movie review which is expected to toe the official line of the Sunday reviewer will then be compressed into a 20 word recommendation which will then appear WITHOUT my name in an obscure corner of the paper's supplement ? What sort of a sick joke is that ? Of course I don't write for name/ fame rather for pleasure but there's something called self respect...Besides the 300 bucks on offer would not even cover the DVD costs, dammit...

Pls get these miserly media houses to spend a little more.



Anonymous said...

There was talk that Tarantino might be given the next Bond movie but thankfully he did not take it.

So one more week is gone.Everyday I dread opening this url fearing the inevitable but good to see that you are fighting on.

Remember Ulysses...To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield

Anonymous said...

You and your bloody EGO. Kudukura kaasu vaangiko nanba, atleast we could have seen Lucky at PVR ;)

Sky Pirate said...

Are you coming to Delhi on Tuesday ? Give the flight plans N I will do the needful

Jupe said...

Awful timing....

There is a price for everything ;-)

Nice id :-) I've cancelled the interview..will call ya tonite..

Anonymous said...

Fabienne.. it is ...