Monday, May 30, 2005

Stories from yet-another-relocating-exercise

When you are shifting homes, there is nothing like getting it done by the experts in the business. Pls note: I don't mean Movers and Packers who fleece the living daylights out of you and still do a bad job of it. I am referring to these pros (I guess they run 'Milk vans') near Madiwala Masjid who loaded and unloaded our entire stuff before I could sneeze "Gezundheit".

Now that I know all my goddamn wordly possessions fit into one single tempo traveller, I'm so tempted to live in a caravan like a friggin' gypsy except that my parents don't quite think its a 'cool idea' - They don't even think SRK's gaadi in Swades is cool - Baah, these generation gaps.

Packing time: I have soooooooo many clothes, am burning those that I don't like and don't use (the twain are different for those who've not understood me)
Unpacking time: I just don't have enough clothes...Need to go shopping :-(

What is it with me and homes I shift into ? The first one at Venkatapura was 200 mts from an awesome CD shop, the second at Jakkasandra was barely a stone's throw from Food Kemp who was my regular CD supplier and now at BTM, there is a CD shop right next door. I can actualy holler from my bedroom and he could pass it over the window. LIFE ROCKS :-))))

Good locality in parents' parlance means nice neighbours, well connected by public transport, all kinds of shops within walking distance and a park where people can sit and relax. Good locality in my parlance means nice birds. And for once, both my parents and I agree that BTM is a 'very good locality'. PERIOD.

I miss the fair maidens of EC7, EC9A, EC33 and EC36. I even observed a minute's silence today morning when I boarded my new bus. But havta confess, EC16H is really picturesque. REALLY PICTURESQUE. Yipppeeeee !!

In BTM, you pick a stone and hurl it in any random direction and the probability of it hitting an Infy / Wipro / Accenture guy is almost 99%.

Pls note: A lesson in probability
When you roll a die once, the probability of getting a 6 is not 1/6. Its 1/2 - either you get it or you don't. Its only when u roll the die 'n' times that its 1/6. (Long Live Prof. Ravishankar)

So use the same principle to understand the above mentioned statistic. If not 'n' times, throw it 100 times and you will see that I was right.

(To be continued as I am still on Day 1 @ the new house)

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Man with no name said...

machhan.. U can also hit a non-s/w guy in Ist stage if U throw the stone with correct aim ;)