Friday, June 03, 2005

The End...or is it The Beginning (Concluding Part)

Hullo....I thought we were on for tomorrow night but the SMS scared the daylights out of me
How come you are here so quickly ? Hanging around at MG with 'your women' ?
Nopes...I'll tell you later
No No..Its Saturday and you dont usually come here. Tell us who it is ? If not, I am gonna rat on you to your girl
Ufffff... I was with her only machaan...
Ooops. We are sorry...Didn't I tell you not to call him
Its okie Preeti...Ramya is totally chill..Wassup ? Why the sudden SOS Sudhir ?
You're meeting her for the third time, right ? So is she our 'manni' ?
Shut up Sudhir. And Preeti, whats wrong with you ? You look sloshed. Don't tell me you've been drinking all evening
Man....he is actually blushing...
If there is nothing serious here, then maybe I should go back...
I tried calling you yesterday night and the day before and the phoneline is always busy...Looks like you've finally found the one...
WTF...I am leaving...Bye guys...
Please Mahesh
Then tell me whats wrong Preeti ? You look godawful
So do you like Ramya ?
Dammmit..Now you've started it too..Yeah, I like Ramya...Now will someone please tell me whats wrong here
She broke up with Vikram
Whattttttttttttt ? Preeti, is that true ?
Godddamn......Why ? What happened ?
Sudhir, solli thola da ?
His life is in a mess too
Now what wrong with him ? Why isn't anyone telling me anything ?
Mahesh, relax...
Onnum illa...Supriya is back from UK...
So ? I thought you were over her...Aren't you ?
Dude, get a grip. Move on. Do not hold on to the past
Why don't you listen to him, Mahesh ?
She came back and asked if there was a chance that we could possibly see each other
Whattttttttttttt ? No kidding
I swear
Am I misssing something here ? This is the same girl you wooed for months only for her to finally turn you down saying she's been seeing someone steady for 3 years ?
So how have things changed now ? She dumped the other guy ?
It seems there never was anyone else
Excuse me ?
Yeah..that was just a story she cooked up to shoo me away
......and why would she do it ? She didn't want to hurt you ?
Illapa...It was never a No...It seems she needed time to think it over
She could have told you that !!
She says keeping me in limbo would have been more torturous
So what did you do ?
What am i supposed to do ? I said No...
Oh god...and may I ask why ?
What would you have done if you were in my position ?
Thats an absurd question...Is it ego ?
So, do you still care for that girl ?
I don't know. This whole thing is so unsettling. I hate people who lie
I know I know...But if you still care for her the way you did, you should jes forgive her for it...To err is human dude...
..and what are the chances that you will find someone whom you like and more importantly, someone who can actually like a moron like me...Your problem is non existent so we'll talk about it later but whats wrong with her ? Why is she so glum ? Preeti, you aren't coming clean with me...
Chuck it nuh
Is Vikram cheating on you ? If so, screw him...He doesnt know how lucky he is to get a girl like you... He doesn't deserve you..
Reallly ?
C'mon, I've known you for donkeys years...Trust me..
Its not him
You ? You like someone else ? Jesus Christ, why isn't anyone telling me anything....Sudhir, surely you know...Who is this guy ? Preeti, is it Raghu ? You want to get back with him ?
Then ? Who the hell is this super guy ? Does he atleast know how you feel about him ?
You are mad ? Machaan, she left Vikram without even knowing if this other guy would accept her or not ? She is truly mad...I think I'll have a whisky....Hullo....
Maama, I thought u were trying to stay off drinks
You guys are surely not helping...
See, I tried talking her out of this but when I heard her point of view, I am inclined to agree with her
So who the hell is this friggin guy ?
Chuck it nuh
Fine fine. So I am now infringing on your space ? Great. I will shut up
So, when do we get to meet Ramya ?
Don't sulk bugger... Shitttt, a very cute chick jes entered... Don't turn now...aaraam se...11 o clock...
Sudhir, when are you gonna grow up ?
Who wants to ? Mahesh, here's a dare. 500 bucks if you can get that chick's phone no.
Not intesrested dude..
You chicken, atleast give it a try nuh
Who is this girl ?
The one there in the far left corner with that bespectacled guy
Why that one ?
The guy looks like her boyfriend and you've always made tall claims that you could score goals even when the goalkeeper is around, remember ?
The short girl with those Preity Zinta glasses ? Can we make it a 100 bucks ?
Why ?
She doesn't seem to be my kinds
Hmmm....Fair enough...jes wait...

Here it is...9880191197...
You must be kidding
Why don't you just call and check ?
Of course I will..Nobody wins a bet that easily...
Ha Ha... On the contrary, a fool and hsi money are easily parted


shittt..It is her phone no...How on earth did you get it ?
My 100 bucks pls
Here...Now tell me..
Thats Ramya
Let me just call her over

Ramya, this is the Preeti I've told you about..and this is Sudhir...Guys, this is Ramya
Hi guys..Preeti, its a pleasure meeting you in person after all the anecdotes I've heard about you..
You speak about me ?
Ha Ha Ha...Only nice things...dont worry...
Mahesh, my Dad called...Obviously everyone at home is anxious.. I think we need to leave...
We are sorry we disturbed your evening
Please. No need to apologise.
Preeti, we'll talk tomorrow ok ? Bye guys
Bye Mahesh and sorry Ramya...

I am sorry. I forgot that I was to meet you in 10 minutes.
Mahesh, its ok. Maybe we can have dinner some other time ?
Ooops. I forgot dinner too.
Chill pa
Was just wondering...So we meet some other time ?
Err...I mean...If we have to...or rather, if we want to...
So did uncle ask you about me?
Yes. He did
And what did you tell him ?
I didn't say anything
You realise that people are waiting for our answers, don't you ?
Of course
Fine...I know its tough for you esp since you are a girl to say it first..But it was a Yes for me even after our first meeting...
Are you serious ?
Do I sound like I am joking ?
Why ?
Then why didn't you tell me ?
Coz I thought you needed more time to decide...And I will definitely understand if its a No from your side...This is not the occasion to think of niceties..Its your life that is under question...
You dumbo
Excuse me ?
It was a Yes for me too from the first day we met...
How come ?
You remember how it rained that evening when we went to Casa Picola ?
..and do you remember how much you tipped the waiter that night ?
No..this is crazy...
You really don't remember, do you ?
Okie...We were dripping wet when we got in and the waiter was so nice to us...He brought me a towel to dry off and warm water and generally was very nice to us
Was he cute ? You seem to have noticed so much about him
Shut up. Why do I get the feeling you know exactly what i am talking about but just prefer to play dumb
Go on
Neway I think you observed all that and finally tipped him an obscene amount
So ?
Its these random acts of kindness that speak about one's character Mahesh...Nothing else does...
You're flattering me too much now
I am not..
So ?
Why do you keep saying So ? This is not a story. Anyway, I like you and I am telling my folks the same.


Can you please check that message for me on my cell ?
I should't Mahesh. It could be something personal.
Please.....Besides, I am driving and you don't want us to crash, do you ?
Its from Sudhir and the message says " The other guy is YOU "
Whattttttttttttttttttt ? Damn


Its Appa... Double damn....


Anonymous said...

Fact or fiction or maybe even faction - whatever - it was a fitting end to a sappy series.


Man with no Name said...

Sexy Maama!!! Now where did U suttufy this one from? ;)

Anonymous said...

I kept trying to relate who is who but gave up mid-way. From then on, it was a wildly pleasant ride. This has to be one of your better stories. A pity that you are beginning to hit form only towards the last over.

~ Sud

Rashi said...

Im curious now. How does it end ?

Anonymous said...

Neat but clearly inspired by Mani's Dilse

Lage raho :)

Jupe said...

Sappy ? Hmmmm...I think I know who you are..Jes wait for my stinker mail :-p

U finally liked a story of mine..Then its got to be pathetic :-)

So you remembered PKS huh ;-) Anubhavikanum aaraaya koodaathu !

Hiiiii...Hows u ? Hows V ? When is the Blore trip happening ? I can't wait to encash on all my treats...wrt ur Q, ever seen Kabuliwallah ?

Amazing but kinda true. I didn't realise the connexion till you mentioned. But then its very diff to be not 'inspired' by Mani.
Btw, do I know you ?

meera said...

i have to say that was a really nice post...did this actually happen...and was the guy u???i'm curious....very curious...

Johnny said...

I enjoyed reading the 'story'. Why do I feel this 'concluding part' will have a sequel?

Jupe said...

No sequels for this one. Definitely not. This is like Star Wars. Mebbe a prequel though ;-)

Curiosity killed the cat didnt it ? Chuck whose story it is.. how do u think it shud end ? Shud it be Ramya or Preeti who gets Mahesh ? Was Preeti right in giving up a secure future to follow her heart ? Should Sudhir accept Supriya back ? Gimme the ladies perspective pls.

meera said...

to say the least..i dunno any of the characters here...and taking it as the story it is to me...if sudhir and supriya still like each other and his ego can take that she took so long to get back...then they should get back together...well..u dont seem to have any romantic inclinations towards takes guts to follow your takes guts to not regret that even when things dont go your way..ramya and u seem to hit it off and thats great..if it were me..i'd go with ramya...when you've known each other forever...u are good friends ..its a habit...a new person and that too in the perspective of a romantic intrest from the much more'd say ramya...though i do feel bad for preeti..

now u tell me wht u think....and...more important...did this happen!!!!

and i have to say.. u picked up on the cat thing...when i did put up the curious comment...i was i hope it doesnt get me killed...and u caught on!! how'd that happen???

Jupe said...



A lot of clarifications are in order....Firstly, the protagonist is Mahesh, not me... In case you did not get it, here i go again... THE PROTAGONIST IS MAHESH, NOT ME :-) Secondly, its a story and so I know as much abt these 'characters' as u do... I mean, the story starts and ends with what u see and I ask u to decide on how it shud finish based on only that...So i leave it to u to decide whether Sudhir comes across as egoistic or not, whether the bond that exists between Mahesh and Preeti is jes platonic friendship or otherwise and whether long relationships always need to mean friendships....Think again, reread some lines if u want to coz each one of them was written for a purpose...and if u still stand by all that u said, well...coool.. I will it be ur perspective...

As far as ur Qs go, lets park that aside..Does it really matter whether its fact or fiction ? How would it change things ? :-)

On the curiosity thingy, lets jes say most women do not give enough credit to men for understanding them well...When I write sthg, I know exactly how my female audience reacts..Doesn't mean that u can generalise all women but yeah, you've seen one you've seen most of 'em...and i hope/wish/pray this does not spark off a sexist debate :-)

ps: I think you might like very interesting too... esp the mushy ones he writes :-)

meera said...

too bad tht not all prayers are answered buddy... and yes i'm a sucker for a nice mushy story with a happy ending but that does not mean anything more than that!!!!!

and yes...i realised the mahesh bit after i finished with the comment and got too lazy to actually go back and correct it..

and know wht...i can say the same about every guy i've met..generalizations potray most guys to the dot..and those who do not conform...tend to be gay...but then there are the exceptions and those exceptions get the girls!!

hey i stand by wht i say...but will read ur post again a second time...just to see wht i missed between the lines...but now i have to run..maybe tommorow..