Friday, June 10, 2005

You know something is wrong when you...

...start typing a post on Day 1 and its about the events of Day 1 and then finish it but don't want to post it.. and it all appears meaningless on Day 2 but still you want sthg to show for the efforts of the previous day and so you decide that you might as well post it since its your damn blog and you are the one setting the rules...So here I go...

Today has been a very strange day so far. For starters, I woke up before the alarm rang which was a first in my new house but maybe it was because there was Argentina vs Brazil on Ten Sports. 40 minutes and two Hernan Crespo goals later, I found myself just in time to catch EC-16N which again was strange considering I was 10 minutes late. Being in no mood to start off a new book, I re-opened GGMs LITTOC and read 30 pages of the lives of Ariza and Urbinal before I realised I was in office. Kicked off the workday with an awesome breakfast with a really dear friend but somehow, even though the canteen offered more eye-candy than usual, my unusually dressed down friend seemed to be the most attractive one around. A few casual compliments and harmless eye flirting happened and then it was time for mails. So many of them considering I had left office really late yesterday night. The official mails all had some 'quality' work (read: no dumb XL and PPT) for me to do - which was really strange considering we were nearing the end of the week (shit happens on Friday, they say) - and the personal ones were the types that made me go *smile*. So far so good.

Ran through the usual dose of 15 odd blogs sipping hot, piping coffee.. Yeah, I have cut it down to 15. Read the comments on my blog and also some really interesting posts at the usual hangouts but links to most of them and a couple of others will follow later in the post. So what do I write about now ? I just don't know. Now that I am this far, I feel very very empty and though I hate fitting into stereotypes, I havta agree that it just struck me that maybe I am one of those typical bloggers who is going through this lifecyle. Of course, the order is all screwed up in my case but yes, I think at some point or the other I have been through all of this except 9

Neway reading all this has kinda made my mind that today will be the day I post sthg on blogs....So here I go...

13 things concerning my blog / other blogs/ bloggers that bug the hell out of me...

Anonymous smart alec commenters who leave no clue as to who they are

Tonnes and tonnes of advertisements

6 digit sitemeters

A right pane with links to 'Blogs I frequent' that is longer than Hanuman's tail

Bloggers who keep crying foul that someone flicked their story light years after they wrote it

Silent readers who will read no matter what you write but will never care to give feedback

"Hey, these Malls have a Malayalam Blogroll, how about a Tamil one" kind of morons - Dude, get a life...Don't bring your parochial sentiments to even this blogging world

Blogs which keep referring back to their old posts in every new post

"Oh, you write so well. Btw, do read my blog too" kind of comments

Blogs that never fail to remind you that you are at a 'best of Indiblogs' location

Condescending posts that teach you how to improve traffic : wth, I hate visitors, how about teaching me how to stop ppl from droppin by

Tracking tools that seem to give away the fact that u silently visit some blogs ;-)

Okie, I don't like this post much now....So let me end it by giving links to some of the 'more interesting' posts I have read offlate

The Compulsive Confessor

The world's best blogger speaks



....damn, there were lots more but its becoming a pain remembering 'em so wth, go find it out yourself.


Johnny said...

URL of the blog on a bike helmet is as extreme as it gets. I NOW see you point :) In the same vein, have you read Anita Bora? She's been rated one of the best indibloggers and for once, I agree with the surveys.

btw, You were telling me that there were going to be 'names' in that list of 13 but I do not see any now. Scared?

L&M said...

Did you like the movie,wasn't Aby baby drooolicious ?
Your Lordship, i know your busy but can you pls respond to the meme!

Jupe said...

I am ALWAYS right...AB writes really coool..and i like India uncut too.. but the rest..well...abs crap...Sud kenjinaanda so mannichittaen...

Illapa...CD was not avlb so ended up seeing Arindhum Ariyamalum...Its actually a pretty decent movie.. I dig that guy Arya.. Your Royal Highness, the meme is done..

Man with no Name said...

"World's" best blogger buddy? U wont call me so? I have my blog id even on my underwear for gods sake!

sanjana said...

hi, this is sanjana.....i didnt know u dislike visitors to ur blog....bin readin ur blog for almost a month now......thisucks asked me to drop by here sometime.......u can kill him if u wanna!! ;)
nice blog.....interesting...if i am allowed to say so!!