Wednesday, June 08, 2005

The Countdown Begins.....

This weekend (10/11 June)
Bunty Aur Babli (*fingers crossed*)
Mario Vargas Llosa
Meeting friends
Kapde shopping
Cycling expedition

Next weekend (17/18 June)
Christopher Nolan's Batman Begins
Meeting the 'Chennaiwaasis'
Theatre workshop
Elephant Safari at Bannerghata National Park

Am I dreaming ? Someone pinch me please.

(or rather)

If this is a dream, don't you dare wake me up.


Man with no Name said...

hahhaa.. Bannerghatta National Park?? hahahha.. first time?? oohhhh hhahahahhahaha

just an incident that happened in vandalur.. lion safari - friends as a gang - crowded jeep - everyone eager - guide takes to a lonesome place - everyone scary - guide gets down - "Lakshmi.. Parvathi" - 2 scrawny lioness from circus wag tails and show themselves!!!

now I heard elephants are more tame-able than lions :))

Anonymous said...

Thats a packed weekend ...

Interested in Elephants ??? Read abt Queen of Elephants -> Parbathi Barua.

Ekta said...

Am I allowed to slap you to wake you up??:-)

Jupe said...

U know wot...usuck....I did chk out if the animals were 'healthy' before planning the trip but it now seems that there is no elephant safari and only a tour in a bus...baaaah.. that would be so boring...and it seems there is a nice zoo...which we had even in our school with lions and monkeys (not me) and a crocodile....baaaah....

...and Parineeta is Housefull in PVR Online..Even if i want to see it in a classy hall, looks like Symphony and I are inseparable..ellam nee kannu vechadhaala...

Btw, I liked the way I looked in that banner in ur blog...didnt know someone was taking our snap :-p

Pachyderms terrify me...Still have horrid memories of the one in Mala Kottai Pillayar in Trichy which always seemed to reserve its worst behavior for my visits....*shudders*
Have made a mental note of the book reco...Who is this btw ?

...of long as I am allowed to set all my friendly neighbourhood rats into ur house...Marriage sure hasn't tempered your enfant terrible image :-p

meera said...

sounds like a packed weekend....have am gonna see a cousin tie the knot..its gonna be fun...funnier still once they are wed!!

Man with no Name said...

Boss, I hate to dampen your spirits even further, but I've been to the Bannerughatta zoo.. my advice - don't! an enormous entrance fee for something like our college background.. seriously.. no kidding! :(

Man with no Name said...

err.. backyard..

Anu said...

oops , always log out while switching between blogs ..

Parbathi Barua is a mahouts daughter, an expert on Elephant behavior and a campaigner for human pachyderm conflict !!

She hasnt written a book, but NG has a video dedicated to her. Queen of Elephants , amazing is the word for it.