Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Another quick story :-)

Friday, October 1, 2004

Persistance pays

I was walking towards the canteen when I saw her passing by on her way back from lunch. Our eyes clashed for a fraction of a second before gazing elsewhere. Summoning up my guts, I turned around, strode quickly and caught up with her.

"Can I ask you out for a cup of coffee ?"
"Yes you can"
"Wowww..that was easy"
"So ask ?"
"Excuse me ?"
"I just gave you permission to ask"
"Fine. Will you have coffee with me ?"
"No. I am busy"

...and she coolly walked away.

The next day I was ambling back from the canteen when our paths crossed near the lawn leading to the Floating learning centre

"Will you have coffee with me ?"
"So the kid has learnt his lesson in English"
"Will you have coffee with me ?"
"Go climb a tree"
*pointing to a tree nearby* "And you promise to give me the answer I want to hear if I ask you the same from up there ?"
*smiles* "Yes"
"Give me a minute"
"No No.. I said Yes to the coffee"

Dad, I'm reading this blog post dated October 1, 2004 but I am not very sure it is a story. The guy in it sounds too much like you
Which one ?
The one where the guy almost climbs a tree to get his gal to agree to go on a date with him
So whats wrong with that ?
Geeez...you guys used to do such creepy stuff to actually jes have coffee...and this woman sure seems to enjoy playing-hard-to-get.
Don't you dare talk about your mom like that !! Now get back to your homework.

These 7 year olds can be such a pain !!


Anonymous said...

Idhu yenna Mushy stories VAAAAAAAAARAM aa ????

meera said...

ok the above comment does seem appropriate...but is this a figment of ur imagination or did parents actually go out for coffee????

Anonymous said...

Wonderin' if they show KTV in jamshedpur?
rofl ! rofsl !

Anonymous said...

Dei enna da achu onnoda englishkku?

Plus there is no colour diff in the conversation between son and father in the end - what is happening? distracted kya???

Ur virulent critic

Jupe said...

Anon / Anu ??
Was the tone of yur sentence anything like the voice that advertises movies in KTV (Indha vaaram suspense vaaram) or am I just imagining things ? Btw, I wud be pleased if you replaced "mushy" with "life-enhancing" :-)

U ask too many Qs :-)

Okie smartass, I like that song. Period. What's your problem ? And fyi, there are no Tam channels screened but there is a thing called audio / video CDs

These days no spellcheck da...in fact, that one was typed in the editor itself...not using that as an excuse but jes telling ya...and no color codes for scenes involving jes two ppl.. but there had to be a color code to distinguiish the past and the present..chuck it..

So the countdown has started huh ? Wud u believe that i forgot and almost booked tickets for June 4th..I can be so duh stimes...Neway will call ya over the weekend.. sathyama pa...take care...

meera said...

buddy....i cant help the Qs...i know this sounds corny as hell but 'moi part of the Y-generation'...i dont believe i said tht ...but wht the hell..