Sunday, October 16, 2005

Main, Meri Patni Aur Woh

HE - Mithilesh Shukla
AGE: Wrong side of the thirties
HEIGHT: 157 cms
FEATURES: sadly nondescript
In short, just another face in the multitude

SHE - Veena
AGE: that magical 30 - not a day more, not a day less
HEIGHT: 165 cms
FEATURES: Strikingly simple yet enchanting
To sum up, the woman of every man's dream

So what happens when HE meets SHE, of course in the presence of a million relatives? Obviously there is no physical chemistry and quite clearly this is not LOVE-AT-FIRST-SIGHT...but still there is magic...

What happens next is that HE marries SHE and they settle down to a life of marital bliss till HE starts having these trips of guilt whether he really deserves her only for the film to end on a happy note.
What to look out for:The brilliant Rajpal Yadav who elevates every single frame he appears in to dizzy heights
Well etched performances by Rituparna Sengupta and Kay Kay Menon and commendable support from all the supporting cast
An enjoyable first half punctuated by a witty screenplay and delightful dialogues (not to forget Naseerudin Shah's miss-not voice over)
A light hearted family entertainer
What is missing:Pace in the second half
Verdict:If you've had enough of watching
a. wannabe entertainers taking you through sight seeing trips of Down Under under the guise of making a comment on serious societal trends (OR)
b. lewd comedies with tonnes of skinshow
then MMPAW is just about what the doctor ordered for you. Two Thumbs up to Chandan Arora and MMPAW.


J said...

Hey bhagu, when r u gonna stop writing such read-it-and-puke kinda stories? :-p

Anonymous said...

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The so called 'Brat'

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